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Well first there was the body right its like the universe or whatever. the body can't move it's own damn self so it grows a fucking head. The head of change or some shit. So now the body can get moving but the thing can't steer. Out pop two more heads the heads of beginning and ending [Real original right?] to save the day. Now everything running smoothly and the Head of beginning starts wonder what it would be like if everything was alive. The head of ending was like naw fuck that you can go die, and thats where life and death began. The head of change was like fuck that shit I'm gonna wait this one out, and thats where time began, Now life begin a though of the head makes you the thought of a thought. Magic is how much influence you as a thought have over the body, but with you being a distant thought there's nothing to reality breaking.

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>this thread

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Guess we'll just go with the order of choice.

Let's start off with the Sypher Mage, first the cosmetics, then the personality.

[] Male
[] Female
[] Check your privilege

[] Shota/Loli
[] Teenager
[] 20+
[] 30+
[] Oppai Loli (Female only)

Hair Style:
[] Bahld Spash Mahreen
[] Short Hair
[] Medium Hair
[] Long Hair

Hair Color:
[] Ivory Blonde
[] Midnight Black
[] Cotton Candy
[] Crimson Glory
[] Rosy Brunette
[] Cornsilk Marigold
[] Indigo-a-go-go
[] Icy Cold Steel Blue
[] Lovely Honeydew
[] Country Green

Eye Color:
[] Jet Black
[] Azure Blue
[] Emerald Green
[] Tea Rose Orange
[] Magenta
[] Vermilion
[] Violet
[] Desert Sand Brown
[] Saffron Yellow
[] White
[] Central Heterochromia
[] Augments

Skin Color:
[] Isabelline Fair White
[] Vanilla Smooth White
[] Tanlines
[] Desert Cinnamon
[] Delicious Brown Skin
[] Blacker than the Ace of Spades

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>ops image doesnt genderswap gandalf

Why would you do that?

I never played CoH but I have some friends who did.
Why this reaction? Never seen anyone bitch tears over other now defunct mmos.

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>Age of the King
>not turning yourself into a woman

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