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I know warhams 40 millions does this with the whole technology is practically magic thing.

Fullmetal Alchemist and a lot of Lovecraft's later books come to mind.

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You rip out the hatch from it's hinges and slide into the darkness of the Titan... Will continue next time. Thanks for your time. Please archive and put under "Previous threads".

I'd say you get 3 xp today.

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Princeps Ferron was an Imperial officer of the best kind. Intelligent, loyal, of noble birth, not too arrogant and caring about his men. Tonight Moderatii Askeus celebrated his 45th birthday, a very nice age worth of a good party. However, as Princeps wasn't too shy about drinks, soon a time came when he needed to go outside to 'check his Titan' and make place for some more fuel. As Mormarkian night cold started to bite at his sensitive parts, Ferron once again thought about how much he hated this freezing hellhole. Well, the only upside now is that they are here at least just for show - if navy boys do their part, Titans will go back home without firing a single shot. And if they fail... Well, who could be stupid enough to want problems with half a hundred Imperial Titans? Princeps laughed at his own thought and zipped his pants. Suddenly, he noticed a shadow in the dark.
"Who goes there? Kcernus? Is that you?"
Principes tried to look closer, but suddenly, a dark figure emerged.
"In the name of the Emperor, what the h..."
Ferron silently fell down into the snow , his throat cut before sounding the alarm. However the creature, on purpose or by accident, wounded him in such a way, that he lived long enough to see dozens, no - hundreds, of dark mechanical figures appearing from the shadows and like a dark wave attacking the Headquarters of Legio "Lux Mechanica". Before taking his last breath, Princeps heard alarm being sounded and saw Titans, mighty warmachines, exploding, burning, turning on each other... Then Emperor took him away from this tragedy.
700 miles to the north, Brethorius rushes into your cell and shouts out:
"Lord! They are here! And they took out the Titans!"

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+++Project Metatron, Fabricator General's final report+++

In this, the darkest of days, we find our one hope for salvation in not but the two brightest of machine spirits that have ever shone their light upon the galaxy.

In an attempt to combat the vile invaders to our systems, the remainder of the high lords of Terra have seen fit to ratify a document offering unparalleled funding for the explorator fleets of Mars. In the Omnissiah's name we have scoured the corners of the galaxy and he has rewarded us with that which we have always dreamed of, in this our darkest hour, we have recovered the holy STC

Even now, this "Federation" of hereteks spreads their poison to the minds and machines of our great Imperium. We shall answer their aggression in kind. It is for this reason, that we have begun plans to slave the STC unit to the functions of the Emperor class titan Metatron. I shall act as it's princeps and together we shall raise an army and march to the front lines. In the Omnissiah's name, the hereteks shall burn

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You mean turbolaser.

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So, Titans...

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Seem to be having trouble locating my Titan pics. Thought I had tons of them.

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Never enough Titans.

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I DM such a campaign. A lot of my players are Dwarf Fortress players, so area damage and detailed combat injuries were a must, so I adapted Inquisitor chargen and battle system, then mixed in elements of DnD and other systems I know well.

What your greentext respondent says is pretty much correct. GW's own RP systems are so-so; if you have the patience, it's best to make your own.

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Strong like a hammer
But on Purity
Once you find your faith
You are sure to win
You're a Hopeless, weak
menial lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a gaurdsman
outta you!

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Grimdark or grimderp?

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I prefer not having my video game threads shat on by harmony shit. The fact that you don't seem to realize we have video game threads indicates you're probably one of the people who posts in non-vidya threads.

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op here sorry my bad not ultrasmufs

also bumpung with titan

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