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They also got each army's codecs thrown in as a bonus.

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>At first I couldn't remember what sound I used for Korst'la VI in Immortal Dawn, but then I remembered.

The Brotherhood rally around Korst'la's Commander-class XV-9 as it fires a sabot forward. With Korst'la providing defensive cover with his family's battlesuit, the Brotherhood take down the last of the Warriors.

"So, you WERE searching for treasure!" booms the battlesuit.
"Totally." says Kim.
Korst'la scrutinizes the Brotherhood, and determines something to be up.
"You're here for more than treasure..." says Korst'la.
Cure 30 seconds of Velm and Shieldhammer trying to hide the fact using 'sarcasm.'

"A FRIEND OF YOURS, TINY ENFLESHED?" echoes the unmistakable bombast of Tonal Architect Ramsestron.

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that pic is old unfortunately, so its unlikely to be new battle suit style. Not that I'd be opposed to it, that shit's pretty tight

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I kick ass without it, I'll kick ass with it.

I've found very few players who can't be tricked into shooting traps, and have the force to pulverize my tau.

I am seriously looking forward to this suit though

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Plus if you plop your commander in them, he can infiltrate with them, so it's really good if your commander has short range weapons like the CIB or AFP

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>That pic

Aren't they?

Like I'm aware of that whole the "Ethereals are controlling the race as that's probably eviiilll." but even though the means is considered evil isn't the end result Honest to goodness unity and strength through working together?
That whole thing in Dawn of War I where the Tau killed the humans was overall an exception. Tau normally adapt Humans (or any race) and use them to augment their forces.

I've always though it went along the lines:
Space Marines & Co: Fucking Doing it Wrong, and for the Wrong Reasons
Chaos: Are the correct (about everything), but sadly also crazy
Tau: Are the good guys but completely outmatched, with no reason hope
Orks: Here to reset the universe, but burning it to the ground.
Normal Eldar: Are... Good... guys but have their heads so far stuck up their asses their fucking everything up.
Everything else: Just another doomsday scenario more or less.

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get the fuck out.

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Sup Gue'la.
this is a Tau list I made as a thought experiment to counter elite melee armies such as the Blood Angels and Khornate chaos marines lists. eloquently titled "Fuck Blood Angels (and Every Army like Them)," it goes a little something like this:

HQ: shas'el with plasma rifle, burst cannon, iridium armor - 98 pts
6 fire warriors, all with pulse carbines - 60 pts
6 fire warriors, all with pulse carbines - 60 pts
10 kroot with one krootox - 105 pts
10 kroot - 70 pts
8 Pathfinders, Devilfish with smart missile - 186 pts
8 Pathfinders, Devilfish with smart missile - 186 pts
8 Pathfinders, Devilfish with smart missile - 186 pts
Hammerhead with railgun, burst cannons, disruption pod - 145 pts
3 sniper drone teams - 240 pts (takes up one f.org. slot because tau ate all their cheese in fourth and left none for now)
Sky Ray with burst cannons - 135 pts
Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon - 85 pts (for fliers)
Shas'vre XV8 crisis suit with burst cannon, missile pod, multi tracker, combat stimulants - 70 pts

1481 points total

The plan is to use the dick-ton of marker lights from the pathfinders and the skyray to mark up incoming assault squads, and then use the sniper drone teams with their sexy strength six AP 3 shots at buffed BS five to pin the aforementioned assault squads. the army will be deployed huddled on one side of the board with the kroot with krootox manning the lascannon and the kroot without krootox spread out in front to prevent deep strikan forces.
flaws include too much anti vehicle firepower, and the fact that everyone gets fucked hard by a single orbital bombardment.

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The cover save nerf effected kroot a lot. Honestly, despite their cost, fire warriors are a better choice. Lest you simply want bodies on the table.

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I think it's an excerpt from an old White Dwarf.

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Yes. For me at least, my commander turns out to be around 140 points with drones, so while 50 points is a large difference, for what you're getting it's worth it. He's anti horde and anti vehicular, has survivability beyond belief (compared to other Tau units) with t5, hit and run, 3++ and 4 wounds. He's very mobile, which is a plus. If you have the points, take him.

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It's overdone. I'd like to see /tg/ come up with a loyalist Tau army for once.

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I feel bad for him if you play blood angels regularly. There is no way for Tau to win against them at all, it's pretty absurd.

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ur missing the most important FW unit though, the XV-9s which are such a utility unit filling in just about any position that regular suits are to fragile to do, such as melta bombing enemy tanks, or shooting an orkish amount of shots with rending

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How can you look at something like this and still manage to grunt disapproval at it?

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Also, for modeling advice, list advice, and some great tau discussion, both in the fluff and on the table, there's advancetautactica.com

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If you want, you can have a large main force of whichever army you choose. And if you want to run squad-based 200 point games like Kill Team, you can have a tiny specialist force of the other faction.

Also, you've considered style and fluff, but not playstyle. What do you want in a army? A good all-around toolkit, or a super-shooty speialized fighting force? Maybe you should consider what you want to see on the tabletop.

Another mechanic about Tau you might want to consider but everyone forgets about is the Markerlight. Strip cover, buff BS, snipe leadership, and launch seeker missiles. Crisis suits are your bread and butter unit, railguns the meat, but markerlights are the delicious sauce that give your army the spice. As tripfag R'Myr is fond of saying, "A Tau force without markerlights is below average. A tau force with markerlights is above average."

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>The Imperium of Man could destroy all of the other factions if they could only get all of their forces together

You seriously believe that?

You poor deluded, Gue'la.

>The only thing you can say about the Tau is that they're only around because no one has put any real effort into annihilating them.

Many have tried and many have failed. T'au continues to grow and prosper MUCH to the chagrin of the forces of tyranny and destruction.

I took it easy these couple of days to shift through entire databanks of historical information trying to get details on the Medusa research Mission.

This just me pouring out my displeasure in this thread. Have you any idea how annoyingly hard it is to find details about that operation?

Aun'T'Pel fate, exact details on Shadowsun's sibling Shas’el Ty’res heroic death, and the infamous El'Dar guests disaster.

Curiosity is killing me and I am unable to find one shred of clear information about any of these events.


>The Tau have only a few dozen worlds

Three Expansion Spheres later (and the fourth coming soon in 42K) you would repeat that same falsehood.

>Any Imperial sector could produce enough forces to oppose them

We shall see if that is true, when the Iron Hammer Campaign finally arrives.

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