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What if I wanted to be a Jedi that used gauntlets?

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Folk Hero Paladin of the Ancients here I come, I'll have to go full friendly yokel with a heart of gold for this one.

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>mfw I can turn my Hexblade into a Singing Sword

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Well I wonder what made those people leave. Maybe asshats who thought all creative effort warranted getting hit with a belt? The "you're a bad person for trying something new, use only what is handed to you" is the worst mindset, it holds back improvement and helps no one.

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The talk about Battle Brothers last thread makes me think of the logistics for a campaign where the party plays as Mercenaries in the River Kingdoms just as Brevoy blows up into civil war, the Orcs of Belkzen unite and march eastward, and the Whispering Tyrant awakens to summon a legion of undead to create a Charnel Empire in the north.


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>Excellent figure
>Wants a big family

Why is she so perfect?

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Storytime for a /btg/ noob please?

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>Waluigi bard

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Since the fish-folk seem to be all but done, how about we do a race of tropical flower people who evolved as a terrestrial plant on an ocean world, causing them to become a race of long-lived, thrifty and very space-minded pacifists (since, you know, bombing your enemy is destroying priceless real estate.)

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Would you say a Camera is useful for a Mechanic's Drone? It doesn't seem to do all that much mechanically, however it does have substantial narrative power.

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What Starfinder races have dick bones?

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>just throwing out something to see if anyone else came up with stuff as well

Do you think the Solar System should have some incredibly old alien technology to explain why so many large groups are trying to control it?

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>It'd be especially funny if the guys who make guns ar basically a nation ran by a Alchmist/Mages's guild that forces the other nations to buy said guns at gouged prices, and keeps the best guns to themselves

What if the guys who are making guns are a Republic obsessed with spreading the Revolution to the "poor, oppressed masses?" Kings and Emperors want their guns, and they get them... In the hands of rebels, revolutionaries and insurrectionists.

Nobody can make a move on them either, since an official declaration of war will force the hands of other Empires and Kingdoms that want a slice of the blackpowder pie.

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>hive gang faction
>mfw it's just hordes of desperate hive gangs and hive citizens beating the shit out of the other side with whatever they can get their hands on

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>Why is the desert always associated with eastern and orientalist cultures? Don't want to be original? Rethink your approaches

Why not make them based on the Zoroastrian Persians?

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>I want a game that is all about economics, systems of governance, and the rise and fall of nations and empires.

There are, canonically, three places in Golarion that are both flush with natural resources and desperately short on men to exploit them.

>Stolen Lands

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Was giving the vote to those who neither owned land nor property a good idea?

Should a man or woman have the right to decide on a country's fate when they're inexorably tied to the welfare systems of that country or, worse yet, the alms of others?

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>Sarenrae is now a proper Sun God now

Now this is what I call a spicy change to her character!

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>mfw the party is effectively Aldrich, slaughtering nascent gods and consuming their spark of divinity

What would this campaign even start at?

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>Phenominal concept (I think Groetus is probably intentionally meant to crib the idea).

Creepy freakazoid eldritch moons are the BEST THING EVER and somehow Paizo was able to make it seem "meh" with Groetus. Brother Moons, Atropus, fuck even Bahamut in his spiky-porcupine disco ball was the tightest shit ever.

If we go to Azlanti Imperial Space and discover their capital is built in the gigantic floating corpse-head of Aroden I'm going to I'm going to buy every single pdf I've downloaded of theirs over the years because I'd be too hyped to have impulsive control.

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>Fully embracing the bold, blonde and astonishingly beautiful look

I salute you, sir. Throw in a large yet perky bosom and sleek feminine figure and you've got a real symbol of the Crusade men want to get behind.

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>And I'd rather have naked elf dancing over Sarenrae's scimitar dancers

But then who does Qadira worship? Are you replacing Sarenrae with a Sun God or something?

>mfw a Fire God who's form is a burning bush might be profoundly relevant for that part of the world.

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>mfw huge tits on a Shadowrunner is no bueno
>mfw the lifestyle supports sculpting a fantastic booty

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>In Golarion


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