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>Pretty good, still need to pick one up
>Literally in this pose, 10/10, plenty of dakka
And yeah, fuck the Amerikanski players. They bitch about everything. Wah, Rodina, why we not have models for our army? Maybe because your army came out of fucking nowhere while you only had a handful of units. Wah, Rodina, why we not have Blackjacks? Maybe because the French are still living with the rules they got when you were sperm in Batya's ballsack. Wah, Rodina, why we have buy hundred freedom dollar Army Pack to get Minuteman? Maybe because only Line Kazaks not made out of potato come in our Army Pack and new sculpts would be nice to replace old sculpts rather than release yet another blister of the same Ariadna HI chassis.

The Minuteman bitching always amused me to not end. Just buy fucking Moblots. That's

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Most are b-movie references I think.

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You know what 419 scammers are? Basically Nigerian email scammers who trick elderly white people into handing over their life savings in a too-good-to-be-true scheme. Theres a website that baits these scammers and make them do ridiculous things in the guise that they will money out of them if they do it. IIRC this is one such picture

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>le sigh i hate being le human bean xD fuck humanity xD quite bein hfy u nazi :O i wish i could down vote ppl -_- ugh imperium reminds me of white christians yuck no ty lmfao ^^ tau r epic i love managa and anime btw o.o #hailsatansmokemeth #fuckrepublicans #feelthebern #flying spaghettimonsta #noodly appendage xD re ddit rules!!!! XD *holds up spork*

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Thanks for reminding me of these modern male warfighters

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(Meta)Humanity has these clever bits of tech called "bags". You put things in them, and wear them on your person. There are also "straps" and "holsters", which allow metahumans to attach bits of gear to their bodies.

Pic related is an exaggeration, but people can carry quite a bit on them. Also, shadowrun doesn't seem to care much about encumbrance; as long as you aren't trying to carry furniture with you, you're typically fine.

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