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Not to be that guy, but it gets difficult to concentrate on making nice with someone who's giving you a hard time when your fucking bones itch.

If it's been more than 2-4 hours since you last had a break, maybe you should stand up, fatass. Go out and socialize with whoever needs a smoke- our group all goes out when someone does, it's a good cut out of the storyline where you can go back in fresh, and talk about what's going on and how to approach things, or just shoot the shit.

If they're taking more than 3-5 minutes to burn a fag, maybe they're avoiding coming back in for another reason.

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I think it's a mix of both. The Force is shown as both active and reactive. Luke's family left a large imprint on the Force, even before Lucas and co. decided Vader and Anakin were the same person.

Never once in the OT does Obi-wan or Yoda say "only you and other special people like you can ever use the Force, Luke". In fact they say pretty much the opposite. "Energy field created by all living things" and what not.

But the idea some shmuck who just likes Jedi wants to go be one and can is a nice thought and honestly would make a much more compelling EU story than someone who gets picked up by a temple because they have enough magic space germs in their blood.

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Piecing together a bit of a dungeon for my Force and Destiny game, hoping for some input.

So the jedi's PCs go to the supposed jedi temple ruins. Should there be a trick to getting the door open or just some big ominous doors?
Inside is a great hall, a ruined statue standing in the middle, molded tapistries on the walls. At the far end they see two figures clouded in blood red smoke. They can't make out features but one is pacing back and force impatiently while the other sits in see pose of meditation. When the pc's are noticed by the phantoms they manifest red glowing blades and attack. The impatient one rushing and the patient holding back. They don't have actual sabers but they hurt still. They both fight until the pc's notice and manage to destroy the sith holocron sitting in front of where the patient master was waiting. This will obviously indicate some sith intrusion here at some point.

Then they explore. What eccentricities should they find? More sith watchers? Force visions that are corrupted? Their personal goal is to find information about growing synth crystals which is hidden in the sealed museum-like basement. How do they find it? Also their R3 droid will be freaking out, trying to get somewhere in the temple. He's carrying some sort of jedi knowledge that he can decrypt here. What sort of information?

Do they find the museum before or after the semi-BBEG bounty hunter and her actual-BBEG Master attack? The master's motivation here is to restore some twisted sense of balance in the force, he doesn't really want to see the PC's dead but his apprentice does.

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Hopefully you learned a lesson.

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