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What are some good combos for a deck based around this guy?

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I'm trying to think of different deck ideas other than my usual voltron/swarm/big trample bastards style and I came across this guy.

Is a discard-themed deck scummy at all? I don't want to be hated out, just trying to play/win a different way

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How is discard not one of the absolute top strategies? I realize that it'd be better for 1v1 but even in small groups it's doable. Fundamentally, if your opponents have no cards in hand they literally can't do anything. They can't play the game. Is it just very good in theory and lacks the proper cards to support it or what?

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Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

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There has been some chatter lately about Nath so I decided to take a crack at a possible Nath Elfball deck I may try in the future.

Any advice?

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