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Hey guys, sorry to distract from the whole "oooo scans" thing, but after seeing some people start (and finish) work on several additional chapters for Deathwatch, I decided to start working on one myself, settling on Mentor Legion. I've got some of it finished, and was gonna post it, but should I start a new thread, or just put it here? I could use some opinions of what I've got so far, and definitely some ideas for the Chapter Attack/Defense patterns and psyker abilities.

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>None of them surpasses the mental age of a 16 year old
Right, you just keep telling yourself that. Hey, what book did you get that out of? "My Ass, Secret Fluff of Star Wars, Star Trek, 40k, and Many More; By Anonymous"?

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Hmm, yeah I figured that might've been too much. There was also this:


Chapter Demeanour: Study the World, Teach the Word (someone else came up with that)

Chapter Ability: To a Battle-Brother of the Mentors, ALL Common Lore and Scholastic Lore skills are basic skills.

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Chapter Demeanour: Study the World, Teach the Word

The space marines of the Mentor Legion are renown across the Imperium for the lessons they teach to the armies of mankind in the heat of battle and the lull of peace time. Their lessons, given to those who's need is most dire, come from the accumulated study of the entire chapter, who have dedicated themselves to gathering knowledge since their inception. The Mentors Study. They do not shy away from intense, even borderline heretical, studies, such as the study and modification of sanctified technology, archeotechnology, and, some would whisper, xenotechnology. These rumors have attracted the attention of many in the inquisition, but the Mentor's battle record is beyond reproach, and thusfar they have managed to escape too much scrutiny.

Chapter Ability: Sacred knowledge
To be a Mentor is to know more than your fellow man, and to teach them, that they may better serve the Immortal God Emperor. Any Mentor old enough to leave his chapter and join the Deathwatch have no doubt dedicated much of their life to study, and as such enter play with a forbidden lore as a trained skill.

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I Like it.
Now, since they took away our owls and gave us hawks (for some reason), that'd probably have to make it's way in there...
Maybe work in the mentor owl into the background, or at least the scale-V thing.
Also pretty sure we were 26th founding, not like anyone at GW gives a damn

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It's not that mankind is retarded, it's just that current fluff says that if a design isn't sanctified, it's no good. Things break, the machine spirit gets restless, or techpriests simply refuse to Touch the damn things.
Of course, that's a relatively New addition to the fluff...

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There's an important lession Here too children:
Don't believe everything you read. You don't know who wrote it.

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Yes we would, but we're in the minority

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Who is this...Matt Ward of which you speak? The only background for the mentors that I know of is in White Dwarf #98

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Don't listen to the trolls...or counter trolls, perhaps, I'm not so sure about you. In any case, your idea sounds reasonable, and I would suggest giving it a few tries on the field of battle to see what works and what doesn't

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