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That's actually the NICER of the options I took.

The other one was much, much worse. Finger of Death snuffs the life force of the victim, leaving an empty shell of flesh. Perfect place for a demon to hide. A few months later the realm is in chaos, demons are everywhere, and the kingdom has put a bounty of the heads of anyone associated with the sorcerer, and the sorcerer himself is known far and wide across the lands as a murderer, bringer of death and destruction, and is wholly and solely responsible for the demonic incursion.

Which he is, because he left a soulless body for some demon to find, and she is now the voice whispering in the kings ear, the leader of several cults, and ushering in the dark age.

Good luck escaping that - leave the plane? There are some holy messengers of god who'd like to have a word with you...personally. Escape to a demiplane? The incursion grows throughout all the planes, slowly but surely. The entire multiverse drowns in chaos and pain and madness, leaving him nowhere to go, nothing to do, no way to summon up anything that isn't a demon out to bring him to the demon he first allowed into this world. Eventually he must face up to his crime, or languish in perpetual isolation - a simple prison for a common murderer.

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Restrain the fuck out of her ASAP. Does Lin know Shibari? either way, duct tape and/or zip ties work as well.

Then grab her head and root around a bit. Hopefully we didn't totally bork her melon.

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Try looking into the political experience of the candidate.
Have they been a Senator? Judge?
...perhaps even a King?

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The King In Yellow's Tattered Robes.

They aren't really robes.

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Looking for advice on a deck I'm trying to put together with Tamanoa and Sanguine Bond. I'm pretty new to magic so I don't have tons of knowledge of all the cards so I might be missing out on something good. I'm sort of just sticking together stuff that feels cool. Any advice or criticism is appreciated.

4 City of Brass
3 Vivid Crag
2 Vivid Grove
4 Vivid Marsh
3 Vivid Meadow
4 Pillar of the Paruns

20 Lands

4 Tamanoa
2 Grazing Gladehart
4 Suture Priest
4 Birds of Paradise

14 Creatures
Other Spells:
4 Lightning Bolt
2 Boon Reflection
2 Collapsing Borders
4 Sanguine Bond
2 Heroes' Reunion
1 Honden of Cleansing Fire
1 Honden of Infinite Rage
1 Honden of Life's Web
1 Honden of Night's Reach
4 Lightning Helix
4 Doom Blade

26 Other Spells

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The point of most lovecraftian horror wasn't that horrible monsters exist. It was the ultimate smallness of mankind. The point in which people's egos shatter upon realizing that all mortal life is meaningless and everything we understand is wrong.

Remember, Lovecraft wrote at a time of great scientific advancement, but little public knowledge. He actually compared scientists to wizards, who make great advancements that normal people don't understand, then dumb it down into usable forms for the public. The prevailing belief was that science would unlock all the mysteries of the universe within a generation. We know now that it's more complicated than that, and all they unlocked were the paths to more locks and mysteries, but at a time when humanity thought all obstacles could be overcome with just what they already knew, Lovecraft's horror put characters in situations where everything changed. the laws of physics are revealed to be arbitrarily mutable, biology is revealed to be completely incorrect, and history itself is cast into doubt.

It's not the sight of the creatures that causes madness, it's the realization that you're wrong about everything you thought you knew.

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This is what I have so far.

24 Forest

24 Lands

3 Thallid
4 Thallid Shell-Dweller
3 Sporesower Thallid
3 Scion of the Wild
2 Khalni Hydra
4 Plaguemaw Beast

19 Creatures
4 Verdant Embrace
3 Doubling Season
2 Overgrowth
4 Blunt the Assault
2 Contagion Clasp
2 Contagion Engine

17 Other Spells

Criticism and advice are both very much appreciated.

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You are not designated for this sector Allabar.

This is my playground, begone.

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rolled 10 = 10

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