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As do I comrade, here I share Soviet Vodka with you yes?

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All are good. Ultimately, it's a choice between growth and gains (Rare Genius), gains and stamina-gambling while bypassing a 'need' for Transformations (One Step Further), or attrition and still being useful even if you're horribly outmatched (Power Levels Are Bullshit).
On the drive it goes, then!

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Finally won a damn game with brewmaster.
Jesus Christ that was hard. Mission, fucking accomplished

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This can only go splendidly.

>System Preferred
DnD 5e.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Playing at 2:30 GMT ( use this: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ to see if you can make it.) Every Wednesday.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Text, no maps, r20 and discord server.
>Contact Info
>Additional Notes
Looking for ~2 players. It's a full orc game starting at lvl 3. I made a few half-breed for people to use. The setting is that orcs have already conquered the main continent and are now exploring an entirely new one full of weird shit and stuff. Custom setting obviously.

The deal-breaker is that the game, while not lewd by any means, does not feature fade to black (unless you particularly don't want to do it yourself). And given orcs, you know where I am going with this.

Right. This isn't my first time gming either but a word of warning that experienced players are what I am interested in so they can help me out, but I will also not exactly tolerate minmaxing as I aim for having fun first and numbers second.

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Define "stolen", do you mean while they were in a relationship with another or before that?
> Saeko
A more refined bloodlust and complete acceptance of her true self gave me an in. Getting temporarily separated from the others only helped.

> Rin
Okay, this one I'll admit to slowly getting her attention, partly thanks to her summoning me early so I can work my magic as it were. I also manipulated Shirou, on the down low, in to hooking up with Sakura while I tried to sort out as much of his distortion as possible. Saving her life repeatedly in the Grail Wars Zelretch sent us to also helped.

> Io
...ah fuck, yeah, this one too. Acting as a lost tourist and slowly getting Io to think of me.

I have become that I despise.

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After setting it to the back burner for god knows how long long, getting back to trying to write jumps. What do people want to see in The Breaker and Death Mage Who Doesn't Want A Fourth Time? Respectively. Items, perks, drawbacks, companions, location rolls, whatever.

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Well. This is going to be a very unpleasant experience.

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When GMing, sober. I usually open a beer, but rarely remember to even sip it.

As a player, tipsy. Can't be all wound-up.

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No fuck you, go play with your friends in the garbage can

my city now

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Fucking elves. No, seriously fuck them and their snobby obnoxious, 'le refined race, le humans are chimps' attitude. Want to continue that you spindly fucks? WE WILL BURY YOU!!!

*swigs vodka, grabs AK pattern lascarbine and aнaнac pattern missile launcher*

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Rolled 7 (1d8)

1-4. Pokemon
5. Nichijou
6. Katawa Shoujo
7. Girls Und Panzer
8. Cooking Show

Left out a few odd ducks for the time being, won't be storing because GACHA.

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I have not had good experiences with Gods. Whether it was acting on 'community service' for the Greek Gods, who were absurdly petty and vain...being a cat's paw for the Goddess of Balance in Dragonlance, or just the entirety of my ongoing vendetta with YHVH. It's not even just 'Gods' exactly - I have a very, VERY strong hatred of things that abuse their power on those who have no chance of fighting back. It's why I'm usually a champion of the underdog in certain worlds, where I make my opinion to said Gods VERY clear.

But then...there are things like Eternity and the Living Tribunal, who are more like living mechanisms who simply try to perform their function. And stranger still, completely benevolent entities who actively want the best for the world, like The Master of Actraiser.

I don't like gods or godlike beings, but that's probably more of a product of my chain than anything else. The feeling tends to be mutual, but it's a case-by-case basis, I suppose.

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Oh god, that was awful. Let us never speak of it again.
>"I have seen things…"
>"Asg-Dad, what was that? Where are we? What is things?"
>"Your sister is a royal pain in the ass."
Tell me about it.
>"Aaaw, come on, it was fun! And it was just a little on fire when we left, instead of completely! Win-win."
This is entirely your fault and you know it. Anyways, where are we going next?

We're about ten seconds into that thought when several different angels all point weapons at me. I'm seconds away from drawing the Blade on impulse before a bearded man hurriedly breaks up the fight and apologizes for the 'misunderstanding'. I learn that my reputation has apparently echoed among other 'higher powers' across the multiverse, and they were understandably alarmed I would destroy the delicate balance of power upon my arrival. I guess Good and Evil are tangible forces here, though I get the feeling I'd hate everyone equally if I examined this closely.

I'm sure you're all well-acquainted with my (exceedingly low) opinion of said 'higher powers' in a lot of worlds, but honestly, after another decade in Creation I decide to play ball. In return for me laying low and not going full cosmic destroyer at any point and blending in with the population, the world's aggression is 'toned down' so I don't have to deal with escalating disasters.

Let's cut to brass tacks.

Jump 104: Charmed
Location: Los Angeles
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human
Age: 25
No Such Thing As Magic
Music [900]
Particularly Powerful Progeny [500]
The Darryl Effect [400]
The Brody Paradox [200]
Charmed Face [0]


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Thats angry? Looked like a hard won victory face desu :^)

Good lad, make the rest of the banana legion proud!

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I feel like that's a natural consequence of both the format and the translation from English to Japanese - there's a lot more context and text to shove into a small space. And the pacing is REALLY slow to start. So, perfectly understandable.
I'm sure he'd appreciate it, if nothing else. Would definitely be a troublemaker for Jumpers who prefer being passive, but otherwise, goddamn the man is fantastic companion material in both combat and entertaining conversations.

I'm distressed that Rulsaka, especially after the Rea route, 100 percent fits my criteria for misfit or outcast companions.

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I destroyed YHVH's avatar and the entirety of his Thousand-Year Kingdom in SMT1. Me and my party were the only survivors.

I regret nothing.

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I agree with Fergus Reid; people die in war, fuck plot armour for the largest recorded war in the Imperium's history. Both sides would throw their best at each other in a suicide grinder just to gain an advantage.

Tarvitz died a man's man, in a glorious last stand on the ash choked wastes of Istvaan 3. Fuck Im a LW/SoH anon and I think Loken should have died on that rock like a baus

Such is the colossal scale and cost of war; the actual tally of what it consumes

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>Tell the girls (and boy) about Christmas
>They all get excited and pester you to get brought home
>Confused why you absolutely will not, under any circumstances, let them meet your parents.

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You know... the mastodon could've been good in 8th ed... just saying

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As you wish, captain. We'll have to deal with insufferable assholes either way.

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Anyone who kills Turks is doing God's will.

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(Exalted: Infernals) #81
-Caste: She Who Lives Within Her Name (Free) -I am a sorceress and a demonologist, first and foremost.
-Favored: Szoreny, the Silver Forest (Free) -I will show others what they are capable of. I will ensure others are strong.
-Background: Savant (Free) -Book smarts, to understand the knowledge of Hell.
-Yozi-Kin (800CP) -Oh my goodness, I need this for demonics. Yozi-Kin of Ligier.
-Peer of Hell (200CP) -I am more than a mere demon. I am greater.
-Savant's Understanding (Free) -Remembering the First Age is pretty nice.
-Vitriolic Craftsman (0CP) (Discount) -Hell to the yes, more demonic crafting.
-Orphan Club of the Devil-Tiger (-600CP) -We're going to start on part one of my plan. Also nab Cecelyne's charms.
-Remember the Past (-650CP) (Discount) -Even greater understanding of First Age wonders!
-You Are Not Me (-750CP) (Discount) -Onward to ever glorious wonders, part two of my plan.
-Beautiful and Terrible (-1150CP) -I need maximum beauty. Maximum.
-Prince of Hell (-1200CP) -The air of nobility alone is worth this.
-Sorcerous Initiation of the Yozi (-1400CP) -Heeeeell yes, time to make magics.
-The Inner World (-1800CP) -Turning my inner self into a manse will be beneficial in the long run.
-Staff of Forbidden Light (Item Free) (Discount) -Advisement and focusing of sorceries is good.
-Chalcanth (Item Free) -The life force of a demon will be a fine crafting tool.
-Purest Vitriol (Item Free) -I am also going to need this.
-Exotic Components (Item Free) -And with that I have plenty of materials I need.
-Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain (-1700CP)
-Horrible Coadjutor (-1600CP)
-Omen Weather (-1500CP)
-A Hellish Rival (-1300CP)
-Love of Adjoran (-1100CP)
-Return of the Infernal Jumper (-800CP)
-Prison Break (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Malfeas (The Streets of Malfeas)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

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I am become Heavens

Destroyer of worlds

Oh god I've become Decade

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>I finished perks a while ago, save for the possible capstone booster. All my brainpower is on making Sacred Gears, and my god, I am going to need it.
Soviet Tank Loli drinks in honour of brave and great Heavens!

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