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Our RT was a pompous good for nothing drunk who endangered his ship needlessly, accidently activated a Wraithlord (by punching buttons on an eldar vessel whit no knowledge of what they did. Despite me instructing him not to do that very thing till I had analyzed the control layout) and got me punched by said Wraithlord, ran away from a battle, leaving on my private Mechanicus shuttle leaving me and the Seneschal stranded temporary on a Deathworld. Then when the Eldar showed up to reclaim their lost vessel we opened fire on it and boarded the ship ( the only good thing he did ). while boarding the ship he got shot by the filthy Xenos and we had to spirit him away back to the ship for medicae treatment which I oversaw. The Seneschal and I conspired together for the good of the ship. Unfortunatly the Captains injuries were more severe than we at first believed. I lobotomized him and stuck him in a life support chair which he communicated with the ship by. And by communicated with the ship and crew I mean he said what we wanted him to say. The Mechanicus had a new ship, the Senechal had command and began pulling the dynasty out of the hole the RT had driven it into. We both had a patsy to feed to the Inquisition if they asked questions and the Lord Militant who was the only guy loyal to the Captain was left marooned on the Deathworld "Due to the damage suffered while engaging the Xenos vessel. we had to repair which took far longer than anticipated." A few months later we came back and policed up the equipment off the dead. Waste not want not. Just as planned.

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