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Read a book.

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Not for 6th edition. The back of the rulebook has one, though, so just use that for your first few games.

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Haste makes waste, I suppose. HERE is the chart in question.

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Is there something like this but for 6th edition? How much has it changed? I was just learning 40k when the edition came out!

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anything like this for infinity yet?

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I found it! Flow charts are fun!

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rolled 7 = 7


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just passing through.

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>What is the fastest and most efficient way to learn the current 40k rules? Is there any summary of the core rules or do I have to read the book?

You're best off reading through the book a couple of times to get the basics sorted in your head, then playing games with someone who's been in the hobby a while and knows their stuff. That way you'll learn as you go - studying the rulebook can be a bit dull. There's also this flowchart which covers the general structure of play.

I wouldn't worry too much about people trying to screw you over based on rules you don't know. There might be one or two That Guys who'll do so, but just make sure not to play them again.

>Which army should I pick if they offer me the choice?

Some armies are better for a new player than others - one of the Space Marine varients, as they're a fairly forgiving army that can still pull off a win if you make a few mistakes. But the best idea would be to spend some time reading up on the background for all the armies and looking at galleries of the models, and decide which one you like best based on that.

>how can I win?

Try and control the flow of the game. Dictate when and where units engage each other, be it in combat or at range, in situations and matchups that favour you. It's better to be good at thinking on the fly and improvisation than trying to come up with an overly detailed plan and sticking to it.

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Aaaaand that was fast. Fast night on /tg/.

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This may also help, for quick reference if nothing else.

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Hey, does anyone have the link to that online store that sells cheap forgeworld models? I've seen it a couple of times before, but can't seem to find it again and a guy at my LGS doesn't believe it exists.

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BAM! There you go. Also, 2 days is PLENTY of time to read the rulebook if you don't worry about the fluff.

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>What are the stats of the units ?

Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Wounds, Initiative, Attacks, Leadership, and Save.

You may also find this useful. It's a basic breakdown of how the game plays in a turn.

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/tg/, some pals and I play 40k tabletop. One of the biggest reasons we enjoy it is the grimdark universe. So, between dark heresy, deathwatch, and rogue trader, what should we pursue as our first plunge into role playing?

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Everyone has trouble learning the rules when they start out. They aren't particularly difficult, there's just quite a lot to wrap your head around. It can be a good idea to skim over bits of the rulebook in your spare time, just to keep refreshing your memory until it sticks.

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god damn god damn god damn god damn! Im so on edge right now...hit 80 population and no siege yet... what do to prepare for it!?!?!?

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Posting this.
It makes a turn MUCH simpler.
(Thanks to DLFG for posting it)

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It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

It'll let you refer to rules faster than flicking through the rulebook, and can help illustrate the turn process to someone who's new.

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here ya go

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