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No one answered this last time I asked, but what the hell, I'll ask again:

To those who have tested this out, how has tying Overwatch and Suppressive Fire to a Talent changed the tempo of ranged combat?

My group tends to use Suppressive Fire a lot (and as the GM I do the same), to facilitate bounding overwatch/fire-and-maneuver types of actions in ranged combat. With everyone not having access to Suppressive Fire, this might suddenly be very difficult to set up.

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lol'd at the filename

Wasn't there a copypasta about this? I wish I saved it when I first saw it.

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Make me a 1500 competitive Tau force /tg/

The Catch? The only Battlesuit you can take is a Commander

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bumping for the greater good

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I've been off the 40K grapevine for a while and now i keep hearing about some new Tau releases.

Should i disregard what i hear as general rumormilling or has hell finally frozen over and Tau is getting some sweet upgrades?

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Anyone have a decent sized pic of the warlord titan with the Salamanders marines in the foreground? (Titanicus' cover if I recall)

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Kind of Veteran GM here. I started a Dark Heresy Campaign after Christams and is sent my players on the eastern Edge of the Ultima Segmentum to homebrew world that looks like a Doughnut. Where the dough has it's icing, there are the habitable parts of this world. Kind of ancient Terra geography, but everything is mixed up. You'll see palm trees mixed with larches in the same region and so on. Someone really had fun with this world. I said to our psyker ( who is a powergaming munchkin), while he is on this world, he has a hard time manifesting his powers. He guessed, this has to be some eldar dickery. the other peeps in the group, the tech priestess, the assasin and the scum, pretty much just rolled along. They crashed with their ship there after they got beaten up in Space by a Tau expiditionary force. They rallied the survivors and now try to figure out what the hell is going on here. Their next move, after establishing a base, is to find a special room that i called 'the cartographer' - map room of the planet.
Now, before everyone screams 'HALO' - yes, my campaign is an homage to halo, but i got stuck. If anyone remembers the plot of combat evolved, chief finds the cartographer, chief finds control room, chief then discovers ANCIENT EVUL.
Now, my players are going to do the same thing, but their ancient evil, they'll discover are Orks. This is where i'm stuck. I still have no clue why the Orks would be here, without showing themselves yet?

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"For the Lesser Evil!"

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>Space Marines
>Good Guys

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Yea I would have liked to see some Tau action do some teasers what Tau players might see in the future so far as models..
Agreed I have learned and thank you greatly sir.

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Fav for last and thats all i got on Tau ... sadness.

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Hy /tg/. I was wondering if you could help me out. I'll be playing 2 people in 40k this upcoming weekend, and we've already agreed on which teams we'll be playing, as well as the point value (1500). I'm Tau, no allies allowed. Can you give me pointers on how my lists look?

The first opponent is CSM. Judging from seeing his past (5e) matches, he enjoys assaulty chaos marines (khorne berserk and raptors) and vehicles (defilers and the like). This is what I've built anticipating his force:

Shas'el w/ Fusion and M-Pod, BSFilter, 2 bodyguards, 1 gun drone= 260pts.
x3 "Soulknife" Crisis suits (flamer and Plasma) with BSFilter = 177pts.
x3 "Fireknife" Crisis suits (M-Pod and Plasma) with BSFilter = 190pts.
x2 FW squad (10 models) with bondknives and BSFilter = 236pts
x1 Devilfish w/ dispod (for FW squad) = 85 pts.
x1 Vespit Squad (8 models, strain leader included) = 134 pts.
x1 Ionhead with SMS, dis-pod, and multitracker = 145pts
x1 Railhead with SMS, dis-pod, and multitracker = 1180pts
x1 Broadside with SMS, BSFilter, Target Array, and Multitracker = 93pts.

All my suits have multitrackers (the squad leaders have them hardwired. My Pros with this build is the many many shots I get that are at least S6 AP3. and the vespids add eight S5 AP3. The 2 rails also protect against any defilers, forge/maulerfiends and Heldrakes he may take. Weaknesses for the build include few troops, only 1 transport, and no markerlights.

Thoughts? Is it ok? Does it suck nuts?
(I'll post the 2nd army I'm going against soon)

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I thank him for his offer, but I must deny. For I server the greater good.

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Necrons are a pain, but I have a special hatred for armies that can deep strike landraiders full of assault terminators behind my gunlines

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We're not heritics! We're XENOS!

PROVE to us that YOU! are not standing in way of the greated good!

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