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Don't hate me too much, but does anyone have the rpg rulebook?

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>this thread

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>DM? Is this a terror mission? This feels a lot like a terror mission.

>That's not a bad idea bard. This is now a terror mission, save those civvies.

We don't exactly take much coaxing to try and do the good thing but this is going to be bloody hard. They're everywhere and if (as we suspect any villager impregnated - and yes that is probably what happened to the women up at the top of the thread) is going to make more gribbly things, we think maybe we should burn out those nest things first.

Then we have still got the Bathys, and whatever the fuck else there is running around.

Well fuck it. Lets do this.

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I love that someone made this.

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Amen brother.

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>Monster girl shit is /d/
>Meanwhile /vg/ has a hentai game general, game in development about fucking monster girls general and monster girl quest general

Not to mention all the snekposters in the XCOM general.

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