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>All dragonbolds are canonically intersex.

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i knew i was forgetting something

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>standard deck
>modern didn't even exist yet

Glad to see you don't actually know what modern dredgevine is.

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>she fancies herself a slanneshi cultist

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i cry evertim

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I'm not a tripfag, I don't have a tripcode. You're a moron.

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>Ad-hominem: Making remarks about my love life.
Come on, really? That wasn't even a clever joke.

>Straw man: Pretending I'm saying shit that I'm not saying.
Let me clarify, since you're having trouble understanding written English. My simile was as follows: "Picking a game to play can be kinda like picking a girlfriend."

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>Most of the party get rascally drunk and black out from too much alcohol
>They wake up the next morning. One of them has a new scar on his chest, another has a mysterious key tied around his neck with string
>The Hangover: D&D Edition BEGINS
>mfw they fall for this shit EVERY GODDAMN TIME

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WTF thats ridiculous

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You are a shit GM.

And an awful troll.

2/10 for effort.

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I know that was probably unintentional, but good job.

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>you will never have a cute orc girlfriend

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>daily scrying ritual
>Oh hey look someone's attacking the fort
>let's see where they came from
>cool I'll defend that part of the fort
>your powergaming ass gets slapped with a donkey dick because you think you can take over a flying fortress by flying your boat into it.

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Oh wow, it's THIS discussion for the 283572398057th time.

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>there will never be a musou-esque video game starring Maugan Ra fucking up hordes of nids, orks and chaos scum

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Our entire task force is like this, now that I think about it.
Everyone's lost someone, and usually the reason why they're here is because they died so that we could recruit them.
Loss, betrayal, having the entire world turn against you. The people that you were sworn to protect, the PLANET turning against you even as you send rookies to die with nothing but grenades against alien super-soldiers wielding plasma cannons.

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just embrace the sadness and cry manly tears like any true sone of the Emperor.

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>come here to talk about rules and have my questions answered
>no one gives a fuck and is just talking about the RTR spoilers
>just like the other 10 threads on /tg/ right now

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>tfw my own clone doesn't want to have an amicable conversation

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