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Sup /tg/.

I've been running a couple of games of Deathwatch/Only War at my FLGS for the last 6 months or so. I'm looking to change things up a bit with a homebrew mod in the near-ish future.

The working campaign title is Battle Songs, and it places the players as members/leaders of an Eldar Aspect Warrior squad. Kinda hybridizes OW's comrades system with DW's Requisition/Specialties system. Skills, Talents and Traits are accessed based on a character's previous Paths (Seer, Artisan, Mariner, Etc.) and the aspect shrine they choose. A player may change aspects between sessions: staying with a particular aspect grants access to better advances, but also adds corruption points which may confer Exarch status, granting unique skills and gear but restricting broader advancement.

I would be stunned if this kind of thing hasn't happened before, but I'd be interested in hearing /tg/s thoughts.

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>What make the Eldar threatening?
3 Things
>Dark Eldar: Enough Said.
>Biel Tan: Actually on a military campaign to recreate the old Empire.
Seeing the Future causes Eldar to do all sort of dickish things.
>See the future.
>Oh noes, X planet of humans will cause Y shit which turns them into chaotic minions and lead to the destruction of an Eldar craftworld.
>Destroy X planet of humans

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So I have a question for you guys: how do you paint your eldar aspect warriors for example Dire Avengers or Swooping Hawks?

Do you use the default GW colors or do you paint them to fit the theme of your army like Biel-tan or Ulthwe?

I'm starting an eldar army and would love to read your answers! Pictures would be nice to see aswell!

P.S.: fluff wise, would the aspect warriors of craftworld Ulthwe look like the GW provided default or they would wear Ulthwe colored armor? Is there any official information on this matter?

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You know, for a race that's supposed to be in the brink of extinction and with each and every member precious, they certainly aren't drone heavy.

They shouldve swapped shticks with the Tau.

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>Why don't the Eldars, who don't have the silly beliefs of the Adeptus Mechanicus involving Artificial Intelligence and are on the brink of extinction use robots to do their fighting instead of sending their own and very limited number of people to do that?

Because the old Eldar empire did that once to all the jobs and they went full hedonist and ended up creating a chaos god out of their spunk drinking sessions.

The Eldar Paths are created so as not to let an Eldar fall into the same hedonistic faggoty ways of their ancestors.

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Were there any recorded wars between Eldar Craftworlds?

Also Eldar to Eldar relationships in General.

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My name? I have long since forgotten. It has no meaning or use to me now. All that I am is battle. My song is the keening of the shuriken.

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so this thread has people?
people that want images?

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Alaitoc Dire Avenger

Because Dire Avengers are fucking boss.

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If you've played the leaked 6th rules, you'll love to play Eldar again. They're much faster, and have plenty of movement options that makes them very deadly.

It's almost enough to make me abandon my Tau to start Ulthwe again.

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So, you're a Craftworld Eldar. Your childhood is spent with no fun allowed. You grow up and get into the Dire Avengers Aspect Shrine just to find all the girls are hanging off your every word like an incredibly stuck-on limpet, so you go join some warlock thinking you will live a life of struggle and run from a hundred mon'keigh zealots.

Well, the "struggle" ended up being a cakewalk with brothers and sisters who are as extremely skilled as you are. You shoot first all the time every time, while human solders in the grimdark 41st millennium are....not at all like what was popularly represented in your circles back on the Craftworld.

So yeah, you're pretty much the greatest thing ever.

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The most I can hope for is someone mods an Eldar campaign. Maybe as dire avengers? I just want to be able to shred humans in a third person setting for the first time. U mad cresistauead?

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Well that was an easy pick.

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Hey there, I was just wondering what you'd all like to see in the next eldar codex. I know it could possibly be years away, but I'm curious! I personally don't think Eldar need buffing, just a re-tweak to keep us competitive against Matt Ward.

I'd like to see:

-Farseer buffed to the level of other 5th ED psykers

-A way of making our elite close combat troops viable when, realistically, they're as tough as cardboard.

-Resdistribution of our anti-tank? At the moment we have Fire dragons and...Well. Maybe place a limit on Fire Dragons, and introduce some new tankbusters

-Make swooping hawks useful.

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Hey, planning to make an Eldar army. Got the codex, and settled on some choices I want to take. The real question is this; does TG think it would work as a 1500pt army? If not, how could it function better. Please help me out, I'm a space marine player who just cannot stomach playing another game with them. I'd rather loose playing a normal army, over winning with these tinheads.

Farseer /w 3 warlocks (Doom, guide, enhance, embolden, 2 singing spears, 2 spiritseers, runes of whitnessing, spiritstones)

5x Fire Dragons (Firepike, tankhunter)

10x Dire Avengers (Shimmerfield, bladestorm, defend)
5x Dire avengers (2xShruiken on Ex., Bladestorm)
5x Pathfinders
3x Jetbikes (1 Shruiken cannon)
10x Guardians (Warlock /w conceal+Spiritseer, brightlance)

Fast attack:
6x Swooping hawks (sunrifle, skyleap)

Heavy support:
Warwalker (Brightlance+Spiritstones)
Wraithlord (Brightlance+scatterlaser)
Falcon (Brightlance+Vectored

Plan: Use Wraithlord to soak firepower, and maybe kill a tank if he's lucky (Might make him cheaper to this end) with guardians moving in to support it. Fire dragons in the Falcon, get them into position and just lock down area's of the map where I don't want tanks. Dire avengers move through cover, the larger squad aiming to get into CQB, the other providing small arms covering fire, and capturing points. Pathfinders hold a single point like a bitch, and pin anything too threatening. Jetbikes catch objectives, and kill and straying infantry Swooping hawks just do their thing; harrass, maybe kill a few things, and ultimately be an uncatchable nuicance.

Warwalker to make points up 'cause I'm a cheapskate who wants to use everything in the battlebox.

Does that work? Also, if this is in the wrong place, please point me in the right direction. As I said, I just want to become a decent player in an army I will probably not do justice to.

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Eldar are good but each unit is only good at its intended role so placement and tactics play a larger role than in other armies.
You will probably lose your first few games even against people that suck. But after a while you will get used to their play style and crush your foes

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