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Technically everything is technology if you draw the line wide enough.

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It would be extremely painful.

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>Golems are innately big, dumb, and huge.
Here, I got a picture of one of them for reference. As for the extra magical abilities sure that's a bit of a downside, but the wizards really liked the lack of whining and backtalk that comes with owning a House Elf.

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Demonic Reyvateils. Just imagine it. The Chaos Gods in Warhammer 40k would lose their minds if you presented them with a present like that. It's such a tempting idea that I almost want to write an evil chain around that idea.

Song Magic wielding Sonic Marines of Slaanesh. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

The Ar Tonelico tower really is such a lovely acquisition for any Jumper.

Still, I'm going to stick with my original idea for the Tower. Head to Invader Zim for the memory/personality storing technology from the PAK, then onto Warframe to figure out how to make the robot ninjas themselves, and see if I can come up with a way to make Reyvateils that don't rely on a Tower at all. Make them self-contained and functionally immortal.

Then flood Commorragh with the "cutest' army ever and wipe the place from the map.

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Not yet, which is surprising considering how much of my magic centers around the funneling, use, and even creation of souls. Especially after diving heavily into Alphys' research in Undertale.

I mean, I've created Golems before with Raven's help and infused them with souls I've called from the space between life and death, but that's not really the same thing. That's just moving them, not creating them wholesale.

I guess I should, someday. Maybe I'll use the SOUL of Forgiveness I created.

Honestly, that's so conditional that it's hard to give you a good answer. It depends if I like the main characters or not, if the story needs to be derailed, if certain main characters would be better off/happier doing something else... a whole set of variables.

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I.... would actually not put that past my Jump Coordinator. I try not to think about it.

That's what I get for dragging around a Harem Drawback and Harem Perk at the same time for so many Jumps.

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>black market limbs
>Limiter overide

Remove meatbag from the premises

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What is a soul? What differentiates true sentience from a well made program? Is there some intrinsic difference in biological beings verses artificial ones that simply cannot be replicated? You could sit and argue all day yes and no and maybe, but when you boil it down, the questions are rather silly.

Is a Man less of a Man because he has an artificial arm? Of course not. What about when he loses a leg, a lung, his heart, his eyes? Of course he's still a Man. He has his brain. Ah ha! But that too, with sufficiently advanced technology, could be replaced with a series of computer chips and memory banks. We could even write his memories, his personality, all of this scanned directly from his own brain and copied down to the very minutest detail. He is now entirely artificial, except for his sense of self. Is he still a man? He started out life as one. Where did he lose his "soul" then? What exact medical procedure robbed him of that?

You can also look at it from the other side of things. Take a Human Baby. They start out as little more than animals, running off instinct so deeply ingrained that they don't need the capacity for rational though. It grows into that capacity by taking in information from the world around it. Instinct teaches about dangers, which memory files away to remember later. Take an AI, given the capacity to learn but only the most basic of programs. By feeding it information, much as you would a Human child, you can teach it. It will learn differently, as would any kind of alien life, and see the world from a different sort of angle. Such a creature wouldn't be Human, surely, but saying it doesn't have a soul simply because it learns differently and thinks differently and requires an oil change instead of flu shots is a little harsh.

But then, that's just my two cents on the issue.

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