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>rules for magic
I fixed your setting

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>in Ars Magica wizardry is certainly a field of research, but no one wants to make a wizard school.
Makes sense, if you can shit on the no-magic plebeians why would you want to start a magic school?

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Should my villain plant false weaknesses or is that too intelligent for the average pl*yer to handle?

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>We need to go deeper
I got you
>simulacrums of everyone
>all have resistance to everything
>all have advantage on everything
>all have been transformed into pit fiends
>you and the real party are having tea

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>cuts you all in line
Hey Gerald. How’s the wife and kids? Can I come in?

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>System Preferred
Anything with a pre-modern setting. Anything. I know the warhammer systems, 5e, 3.5e, Pathfinder and I'm vaguely aware of a vew others, but I am more than willing to learn.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
GMT. Just ask, and I'll see if I can make it.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord, Roll20, Whatever you like.
>Voice or text
Voice or Text works.
>Contact Info
PM on Discord Herodian#8278
>Additional Notes
I just want to be a wizard. I want to be a wise old man with a great twirled beard and a grandfatherly demeanour. Evil or good, Psyker or just regular wizard, whatever you want.

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I do love wizards.

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Tell me about it. My ex-girlfriend (god, that's a surprise to say, especially since I'm engaged now too) went on a ten minute rant once about a game of D&D she played some time ago that had the dumb meme "a natural 20 means it happens" and how she tried to rob some city guard dude and when he caught her with the coin purse she said "It wasn't me, it was the evil penguin!" DM asked for a roll on bluff, nat 20 supposedly, boom! Evil penguin was behind her.

Fucking shit I hate people who do not understand that natural 20 are simply successes for saves and attacks (and remember kiddos, criticals only happen if the total attack equals or exceeds the target's AC. If not, you hit but do not get a critical damage roll).

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I need a pompous female wizard. Like a young, pretty version of this dude, maybe Asian but not super caught up on that, with long curly black hair that falls down over her chest instead of a beard..

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posting one I saved from /tg/ a while ago

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wizards > witches

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Give me your wizardiest wizards, /tg/

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> Here's a few rules before we get started.
> This isn't Earth.
> No cliched fantasy races, apart from humans. Let's populate the world with something more interesting than a new sub-race of Elf.
> This is post-apocalyptic fantasy, magic is real. What kind and what it can do is up for discussion.
> Don't go too deep into the magical realm.
> When you post an addition to a detail of the setting, quote the previous posts pertaining to that detail.

OK, let's start.

> Centuries ago, the world's people were happy, and content, and likely would've stayed that way, if a certain Wizard had possessed a good deal more common sense. Dorgon the Wizard, mightiest Magus in all the realm, grew bold, and in his hubris, attempted to do what no man before him dared...

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> Wizards. Not just any Wizards, but Wizards with a pimping sense of style, a flair for the dramatic, and an absolutely smug, supremely self-assured, and boisterous personality, and an intense curiosity for unique things and experiences, along with giving no fucks. The kind of Wizards that go about using obscenely powerful spells nonchalantly, not noticing peasants half the time, talking to the mightiest Kings as if they were the lowliest pauper, building enormous magically fortified monuments and bigass towers because they can, and twisting the laws of physics, nature, and morality for the hell of it. Those, are my favorite kinds of Wizards.

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I masturbate and jizz all over it, before hitting it as hard as I can with my phallic wizard's staff!

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Both is even better

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This is the best answer, better than I could have put it.

Make the wizard mysterious. The comparison to superpowers is absolutely correct. I hate the whole notion of channeling energy into spells, it's not magical, magic is weird and nonsensical and works via laws and guidelines that are obscure and underlay the whole world. Wizards are scholars, their powers are a bi-product OF that knowledge, not the end result necessarily.

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