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Muju? MUJU!

Thank you so gorram much for this one, she's very quickly become one of, if not THE, favorite character I've ever played.

PS if you are feeling super-nice could you draw her in a frilly country-ball style dress while looking very annoyed that she has to do so? Maybe with some detached sleeves, hair ribbon thingies, the works. Actually happened in-game.

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This character, but wearing a super-frilly and overly feminine country-ball-type dress. Detached sleeves and hair ribbons a plus. Preferably not pleased by this turn of events.

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This character, but in a frill red-and-white country ball dress, looking rather unhappy about it.

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Yes. But just a couple un-serious flings, and as of late she's been unintentionally chaste, since the current crew she's with are... less than desirable. A dead-broke thick-skulled manchild, an overly amorous captain who treats her totally professionally, a big black guy old enough to be her father, and a hyper-asexual doctor? Ehh no. Shame the black dude strangled her last date's father to death, but in his defense, that guy was a dick.

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Alright, re-requesting;
This character, in a frilly, very girly dress, complete with hair ribbon, bows, etc, looking very unpleased (in a "you've gotta be shittin' me sort of way) by all this frumpery.

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This person, except in an overly frilly dress, looking very, very unhappy about it in that sorta gritty-space-western way.

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I've had alot in my time, but I'd say that so far, it'd have to be either Hasslich Hasslich, my first character, or Rachael Hacht, my latest. "Hassy" was a 3e-era half-orc barbarian, and a hoot in many ways, but since Rachael's the "youngest" character, we'll start with her.

Now, some backstory. I met a gaming group of bros through a mutual friend at work, and we'd been playing D&D of various sorts for a while. Before our D&D game, most of that group was in a Deadlands campaign sans me, with a few other people. That game ended, and the GM decided to run a Firefly/Serenity game set 6 months after the Miranda Wave (aka the end of the movie). It involves a re-flaring of Alliance/Independent hostilities, a mad scientist producing a new strain of smarter, semi-controllable "nuevo" reavers, [spoilers]and the survivors on Earth-that-Was developing FTL and sending a scout to the 'Verse[/spoilers]

Sounds cool, right? Enter THAT GUY.

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