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Can we get links?

Nobody says it wasn't an extremely harrowing or difficult experience.
I hope you finished it at least so you could get something out of it.
Pic related is what broke me and shit like that, and moments like that are why I still defend Crossed even though I completely understand everyone who hates it.

It takes really good writing to make something that hurts as much as the original Crossed miniseries does. Moments like this or the black guy saying "I don't want to live anymore" and you listen to what he says and it all makes total sense having followed this character and what he's been through... but it's not just there to be bleak or to kill him off.
Or Thomas' sacrifice... or many of the other genuinely amazing moments from the miniseries.

This is why I say it's what the Walking Dead wishes it was. It has the balls to go there and in the original series (but not much else) it has in places the writing to back it up.
If you're reading anything else you have nobody but yourself to blame. It's basically all we've said since the start.

it also serves a purpose that none of you seem to notice which is... it makes pointless edge in other comics more obvious and despicable.
Violence/gore excess in other comics becomes less palatable and clearer when something is just trying to be shocking and failing at it. Think of Gordon Jr's victim in The Black Mirror, or the two little girls that get beheaded in the prison in Walking Dead.
I see it and I think "they're trying to be Crossed". If you hate edge you have to value that.

>There's nothing mentally fragile about hating Crossed. It's one of the worst comics ever written by one of the most overrated and least talented comic writers in the industry.
That's Crossed:Psychopath which nobody with a brain defends.
There is far, far worse than Crossed in the industry.

There's also a spectrum of quality in Crossed works from worth it to irredeemable.

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