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(1) Donegal Guards (no one denies this)
(2) Lyran Guards
(3) ComGuards
(4) Arcturan Guards
(5) Davion Guards (but only with their old scheme none of that circus troupe crap)
(6) Holdfast Guard
(7) Dynasty Guard
(9001) Free Worlds Guards
(9002) Falcon Guards (lol)

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The 3e set has some very, very shitty models. I say this as someone who likes the Unseen and owns more than one set of them.
:Light: Locust, Wasp, Stinger
:Medium: Griffin, Wolverine, Shadow Hawk, Phoenix Hawk
:Heavy: Warhammer, Archer, Rifleman, Thunderbolt, Crusader, Marauder
:Assault: Battlemaster.
(..and people complain about the weight distribution in the current box sets.)

The 5e/25th Boxed sets come with quick-start rules and 24+ 'Mechs, not to mention maps and shit.
>Stalker, Blitzkrieg
No. Also, metal-onry for these.
>Mad Cat
Clan design, and no. It >was< made in plastic at one point, though those are pretty hard to find.

..looking at the ground-pounding stuff you like, I seriously recommend you look into playing Lyran Alliance. There's a more than reasonable chance to have a Mad Cat on the battlefield, and many of the other designs you like are either classically Lyran or available to them as salvage. I don't play Aeros much, but the Jagatai and Seydlitz are Clan designs and probably not exactly what you're looking for.

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John, Jimmy, Claymore, Silk, and Croaker. Do I have that right?

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The other day I made this version of the 11th Lyran Guards logo, and people seemed to like it...

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Also, I don't think there's been a logo published for the 11th Guards since the first House Steiner sourcebook (the one published in 1987), because FM: LAAF came out after the Operation Serpent storyline, and by then they were disbanded or absorbed into the SLDF or something, so all that's available is a dinky little logo on sarna, so I made one myself.

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