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Would you rather see a planeswalker commanders comeback in C17 or maybe something brand new?

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>hey u guys i just made a story where darth sidious is on the light side isn't it awesomes?

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It's part of the whole gamer-girl entitlement.

In school/life they are hambeasts or at most a 5/10. They were/are rejected or ignored by the non-gamers who have a future/car/money/good looks so they get their attention from gamer-dudes.
Because it is so freely given by the desperate neckbeards they start to reject reality and ultimately enter a strange quasi-state where they are the most important person in their universe. They are the god queens of all and everyone must tithe x10 to them.

In the real world, Johnny "Trust Fund" Fratboy, would either use her as toilet paper or not notice her at all while he drives around in his AMG Mercedes with all the 10/10s.

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I hate to bother you, Papa but these gifts you have given me are now nearly too much to bear. I have shared these gifts with so many, as you have asked me. The entire hive has now felt your loving embrace; every man, woman and child.

However, the servants of that corpse god are coming to destroy this beautiful monument I have dedicated to you, and your gifts have made me so tired. They come with fire and bolter and sword to purge this place of your gifts! Help me, Papa. Help all of your children.

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OP, you are a desperate individual. I understand this. But you still need to be savagely beaten for scraping the crusty bottom of the barrel. You shame us all.

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