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Whats a decent D&D campaign book? Gonna try my hand at DMing with a few friends, and am a bit clueless.

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more shit

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No, those are the pretty marines.

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>pale effiminate space marines
Are you talking about the Blood Angels, the Dark Angels, the Raven Guard, the Pretty Marines, or some other chapter? Throw me a bone here.

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Worked on the Storm Ravens today, might be worth a look

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A girl like me has to wonder: Do Space Marines love?

It's a serious question. It's long been established that they hate a lot of things. They hate xenos, they hate witches, they hate heretics, they hate chaos. It's deeply engrained into a Marine's psyche to seriously experience the emotion of HATE. That sounds pretty bad-ass, right?

But what about love? Never before in the entirety of 40k fiction have I ever come across any mention that Marines are also conditioned to love anything. But do they love the Emperor? Do they love their battle brothers? Do they love humanity? Do they love the causes they are fighting for? Do they love the primarchs? Are 40k fiction writers too cowardly to bring up this emotion because they're afraid it would make their seemingly bad-ass Marines look weaker?

Can we have a mature discussion about this without homophobia being brought into it?

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I like /tg/'s Pretty Marines, because for whatever reason, I still find them to be hilarious.

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Hey /tg/.

If Space Marines are chemically castrated before puberty (the process of which is technologically and genetically enhanced), does that make them all castrati?

My, what beautiful voices they must have~

~For the Emperor~

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Anyone make Pretty Marines?

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Techmarine Martellus is far and away my favorite character out of the DOW games. While everybody else is losing their shit and being drama queens, Martellus keeps his cool and always has his eye on the ball, without becoming a ridiculous emo introvert like Tarkus. He's stoic without being a depressing fuck, and that's awesome.

There needs to be a whole SM chapter of just Martellus. It would be the most well-oiled, smooth-running machine in the galaxy.

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Also the Pretty Marines were the best thing. The best.

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Too late XD

Now go away so that the rest of us can enjoy things.

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Here's the original meme.

Wouldn't be surprised if it started on this board.

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A while back someone posted parts of hamlet rewritten as though an Ork from 40k had wrote it, anyone still have that and could share?

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Is the sagefag finding new threads to troll now that he can't stalk Touhouguy anymore? Jesus

Anyway, to answer OP: It depends on the "look" I was going for. Being an ugly son of a bitch can be helpful if you're, say, a brawler who wants to look scary. And so forth

Were I to be forced to ignore such contributing factors and consider only whether I'd want to be pretty or ugly, I guess I'd go with pretty, because then I'd get an excuse to be a flamboyant bishounen type guy

Pic oh so related

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Haha, oh wow.

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>No Pretty Marines

/tg/, I am dissapoint

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