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I haven't quite gotten time to read through the whole thread yet, as I just got off work and now must go handle some errands, but I'd like to say a few things, in case this thread is gone before I return--

[a] My instant feeling was that we'd have a barter and tinkerer based economy. Gangs would be the military, protecting their territories as a sort of Town Guard. Without protecting their people and their trade endeavors, there's nothing to extort from them. So it becomes more of a taxation for military enforcement system than one of rape, pillage, extortion, and numbers games.

I love the rust fungi and tin crabs. I don't care what you bitches do I running this game and they're in it.

[c] There should be periodic Sectional homes from the 50s and 60s buried in there. You know, the spheres, hexagonal prisms, and so on that futurist architects envisioned as the cheap, green alternative to cookie cutter houses in suburbs.

[d] We need a HUGE items table. One for disgusting items, one for paltry/junk, one for Tech/Mech bits, etc.

[e]This shit better get archived. Cause I'm gonna run this game.

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Even less reason to be flashing the URL about in his email.

Do you worship him so much that you believe that he should not put the two-second effort into removing the URL from his email field?

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