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my face when I forget that this thread was open
my face when I have no face

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Actually, Because you're smiting you would need to be More discrete, not less. A Cleric tries to convince people of their error or the value of their faith. A Paladin does this too, but more so they are intended to be combatants and crusaders. They must follow orders sure, but not a lot of Paladins get direct divine liasons telling them exactly how to act; they must decide for themselves, including but not limited to deciding some times who lives and dies.

A Paladin who murders every evil thing they come across without further thought or inquiry as to Why the folks they deal with are evil, or how they might be dealt with other than by violence is asking for a trip down a flight of stairs into the hall of self-righteous injustice and stubbed toes.

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Sounds good. Hmm I'm all out of short stories. want me to start dropping paladin pictures or choose your own adventure pictures?

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This is how I paladin

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Like this.

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Player or GM?
>System or Game?
3.5/pathfinder Any 40K RPG, Dresden files
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Bouchie.bouch skype

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>New Pathfinder Game
>Democracy has just been discovered in a small village
>Oppressive baron wants to subdue the very thought of it.
>DMPC elected to lead the uprising(Pic extremely related)
>Party will work from a low level to become his right hand man
>After defeating the Baron, the BBEG reveals himself
>His name is Marks and he is out to destroy the new system
So yeah. I want this game to be lighthearted, but still have economic and political elements for the party to explore. I intend to have many cameo's from history and other 'MURICA related things(Idea for Liberty Prime Warforged Siege engine) I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas as how to make this better, or if any of you have run a similar game.
A lighthearted game about discovering democracy and fighting communism.

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This is how I paladin

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>Female-targetted aphrodesiacs
Now that's how you do it lad. When the long sword fails, and you've a chance to draw out your side-arm, do it. See if some good ole' lawful hot dickings will turn her from the demons.

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I wouldn't mind reading your account booms from your days as Master of Coin, my lord.

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My Deity Ronald Reagan disagrees

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I think it's been mentioned that you can spend a feat for the weapon proficiency, but depending on which source books your DM allows, there are also spells you can prepare that allow you to summon a weapon of your deity and Gain proficiency for the weapon summoned by the spell.

I'd advise keeping a normal, mundane or augmented weapon on your character in case you don't get the chance to cast or are otherwise prohibited, but it can be an easy way to get the weapon you want sans penalties for non-proficiency. Pelor's not the one that allows it, though it shouldn't be hard to find or make a deity that prefers 1handed Axes.

Though if you want to stick with the Sun God, Pelor's probably the way to go.

You've already been showed how to mix your spells for a fighting/supporting role character. Bless, Divine Might, and Prayer; +3 minimum to hit (more at higher levels since Divine Might grows with you) and perhaps -1 to your enemy's hit rolls, while granting +2 to your allies hit chance and 1 to their Fear saves and damage.

Bull's Strength later is nice, and there are others but I'm rambling.

May his light guide you and yours on the path to fun and glory.

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OP, the core aspect of a Paladin's class and characterization is a desire to see Order and Good upheld and sanctified. However, Order and Good are very vague terms, and while there are sources and definitions as to How to go about serving the Lawful Good cause, people develop their own ideals about what is orderly, what is good, and how best to serve them.

One individual might decide that, if their paladin character were in a Tyrant's rule, that it would do more harm than good to actively fight the system and therefore decide to try to work within the existing social structure to minimize the harm done and to improve the situation over time. Another player might see the same situation and decide that there is no choice but open revolt against an unjust order. Both of these responses are correct, especially for want of context specific to the situation to determine which one would be more applicable, and there are many more possible responses to the same situation, all of which are Lawful Good within the eyes of the player behind the decision.

Paladins are a source of discourse because in playing them, we must apply our morals to the best of our ability, while simultaneously having those morals challenged by having them placed under the scrutiny of the other players at the table and especially that of the DM.

Playing a Paladin requires putting forward what your ideals of what is Right and Civil are, and because such things are not always simple or easy to accept, they tend to bring up a bit of hubub.

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Dammit frank, how many times do I have to tell you to keep politics out of the game!?

I know trickle Down Orkenomics worked that one time but that was a joke campaign!

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rolled 48 = 48

Well, it seems like you can bend your setting/situation as needed; most of your concerns are probably better dealt with by discussing it with the Cleric's player, rather than running with it here. I'd be happy to troubleshoot concepts and ideas, but when it comes down to player presence in a game, it's much more about the discourse between the players and the DM.

That said, don't elaborate too much; just state that one of the NPC's they'll be coming across and some of the subject matter may be anti-divinity in nature and make sure they'll let you know if they feel like they're being pushed aside.

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hate you
also no pics of that. this is the closest i have

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