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I'm down with that.

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Why aren't you playing a blinkling dogboy sniper?

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Why don't you play an androgynous, emotionless dogboy sniper?

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See my picture. That's cute.

Now look at your picture. That's an ugly as fuck nigger who thinks looking like a paint brush is a good idea. And has no trigger discipline.

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>militaristic ex-soviet catgirls.
you've opened a door that you can not close. prepare yourself for the consequences
high fantasy soviet cat girls?

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Regular felinids.


You displace all your waste and excess, leading to you standing around in your armor with no spare cartirdges or any way to store excess energy. This was perfect. You first went for a second machine, cutting it in two. You then leapt into the air, switching over from your sword to your sub machine guns. Holding one in your right hand , and leting your shoulder mounted weapons assist you in going through the huge waves of attacking demihuman creatures. You take on the attackers with a glee in your fight before you realize.. the deck is cleared...

“Clear!” you shout, as you look at the command deck.. and see another Armor, along with a girl with wolf ears, and a devious smile on her face.

“Time to kill you damn Techno nerds!”

>X “Uh.. I'm not dying here.”
>X “You think otherwise.”
>X “..Well then, let's dance!”

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>The Uskiut Republic has recently declared war against the confederacy of city-states headed by Gom Burim over an ancient and apocryphal wrongdoing.

The Uskiut "Republic" is populated by Slavic catboys/girls, wolfboys/girls, and foxboys/girls who wield their Moist Nuggets and drink vodka with pride.

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>generic grunt rifleman from World War I with a Moist Nugget

>level 6 fighter (trench fighter)

>Dexterity 16, Constitution 16

>67 hit points

Does this mean that level 1 PCs in Pathfinder are really, really, REALLY incompetent scum who can't even keep up with generic grunt riflemen?

Or is a typical conscript from the real-world 1910s an ubermensch compared to the warriors that a typical Pathfinder world has to offer?

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Hahaha yes!
>they'd leave behind presents for the enemy before retreating back to our lines.
A grenade disguise as a mouse?

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