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I am hard pressed by your single worded rebuttal good sir.

Thank the gods and the infernal hells that the rich and wealthy do not manipulate or bankroll political representatives, super PACs or lobbies to enforce their economical, social and political agendas through congress and the current Presidential administration.

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In our defense, it is better that there is one thread where such people and discussions are contained in that one thread, then allow for them to spread and taint all the other general threads.

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Pray what is filling the void left behind by two of the largest sources of content on this board?

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Precisely Cegorach, and those wonderful warhammer puppet threatre threads as well.

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Do not ask why good sir, it is a hopeless and indeed fruitless pursuit.

Instead, better to ask how this thread progressed so far without a tinge of vehement rebuke. But of course it only serves to prove the hypothesis that the citizens of this board are closet furries or scalies in this case, using the politically correct term so none of the delicate sensibilities of our most gentle hosts would be jeopardized in vain.

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Are you suggesting that any member of this board would steep so low as to objectify women in the most depraved and vile manner?

Oh my dear friend have faith in the good of others.

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Its a meme really, the founder of 4chan wishes to be a little girl, so all the followers must do to. Lest they incur the wrath of the Mootacracy.

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And what precisely is this "pls" word may I ask? Its not in any of my dictionaries or on hand knowledge bases. All I know, you could be asking me to play a game of go.

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If you really want to gamble, then perhaps you might be interested in adding three magical merchants into your deck?

And getting some Lightsworn cards, like Lyla and ryko with charge of the light brigade?

And Graveyard abuse is quite strong right now, presently unlimited in addition to Monster reborn?

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Yes I do agree that stagnancy is usually the death of a board.

But pray tell what other creative ways can we inject creative content into this board other then making and participating in quest threads?

The anient ways of how old /tg/ turned undesirable threads into unique little pieces of fluff and gaming ideas is gone. Such methods would only spell disaster as /b/ can catch those opportunities to turn /tg/'s greatest strengths against itself.

And thus /x/ fell to the might of /b/.

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Then pray tell which areas should I improve on?

I always have an ear open to constructive criticism.

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I must ask good sir, why do you spend this almost superhuman effort to reconcile /tg/ of its many conflicts and tribulations? Knowing full well there are people, many of them, on the vastness of the internet who will do everything in their power to destroy everything you have accomplished?

What force drives you to these extremes?

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I apologize for my abrupt intrusion good sirs. However, I cannot help but notice the lackadaisical nature of this thread.

To address the concerns of our dear OP, surely you can see that this board contains a very small minority of autistic individuals? I hope you won't let a few bad apples ruin the bunch, as it were.

Indeed, /tg/ has some of the brightest and most creative minds at its disposal, utilized wholeheartedly in the endeavor of making tradition games and tradition gaming. Day in and day out, original content overflows from every fount and every page. And civil discussion decorate and dance abound as though we were the most insightful of scholars and most charming of gentlemen. Why I would dare say /tg/ is positively Victorian.

It would be a terrible shame that such a great and prosperous board be condemned for the fault of a few. Don't you agree?

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Good sir, do you suggest that we commence these Festivities most Jovial?

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To a point I agree with your argument, however I must stress again necessary evils must be one to facilitate good and the pursuit of truth.

Because we live in a relativistic universe after all, we can only set the premises of good and evil, if we have two or more concepts can be related to one another qualitatively and quantitatively.

All paths of knowledge must begin through relationships, and in order to achieve these relationships, all knowledge must be applied and compared the good and the evil, and from this trial and error we can then gauge and measure the goodness an evilness of all future knowledge to a hypothetical standard of neutrality.

So really, there is no such thing as absolute truth or absolute good only relative truth and relative good. And in the process of acquiring good knowledge one must understand what evil knowledge is.

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Here is the face of one of /tg/'s villains. Sadly, I wasn't able to find one of TIDF.

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I am no more real then space marines, the chaos gods, the tau, orks or any other race in the Warhammer 40k universe.

It is only the honest truth.

None of us are welcome here, we simply chose to show up uninvited.

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Oh yes, good sirrah. I am indeed "here." Since this poor thread seems to be impoverished of fascinations, might I suggest a bout of gallivanting in fine suits of fur?

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Elegan/t g/entlemen!

I have a most excellent proposal for you.

Many a time you fine fellows have expounded to me a love for the art of LARPing. Might I suggest a variant on LARPing, which is quite fun and most entertaining? In this system, you play as a cartoon animal. Your LARP costume imitates such a creature, and you go about doing your quests in the cartoon animal world; rescuing beautiful fox maidens from the clutches of wolves, and so on and so forth? Are any of you elegan/t g/entlemen interested in such a spectacle? From my experience, many women are interested in this form of LARPing, and look quite lovely in the costumes provided. So. Cartoon animal LARPing. Anyone interested? Any stories? I'll explain more if you want.

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I'd say, elegant gentlemen, shall we have fine and jovial romp in the elegant form of the Fox, the Cat and the Sergal? Shall we embrace our inner animal, and make love in suits of fur?

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My time is short, and compromised good sir.

I do what I can and when I can. I cannot be everywhere at once.


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With all these nonsensical accusations good sir.

I swear you are trying to project your own insecurities on other individuals. But I digress.

I admit I am not a exemplar of a ideal person, nor do I feel any qualms about showing weakness or my own insecurities, it is but another way to discover oneself and to improve.

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That picture is quite trivial and repetitive good sir.

You already broke my bones, splattered my blood and torn my sinews up and down the block far more time then I can count.

What is left for you to break?

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Many apologies good sir, if my countenances offend your sensibilities.

Curious, in what ways have I so wronged you to force your retribution upon me?

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