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The Ballad of Transport 18

We were thirty-eight companies on Transport Eighteen.
The hour it was late and the talk was obscene,
When the raiders streaked down and their bright-lances cut
Some twenty-odd holes through her steel-plated gut.

Chorus: So pity us poor Guardsmen, wherever we roam,
For there's no guarantee that we'll ever come home.

All the engines were dead, and the life systems shot,
And the ship leaking air, like the steam off a pot.
When the crew was accounted and all damage told,
The last air-tight chamber was the fifth cargo hold.

So we yelled SOS with our beacons and flares,
And we ran for the hold by the last standing stairs
We sealed off the ports and we gave a great cheer,
When we found that the cargo was twelve tons of beer.

We were fairly well mellowed when our answer came through,
Via tel'porter sparkle and a brief flash of blue,
'Twas a well-armored Space Marine, calm and correct.
Though his sharp pointed teeth weren't quite what you'd expect.

He raised one long eyebrow as he noted our fun,
And he calmly announced that our troubles weren't done.
For his ship was off fighting the raiders alone,
So we'd have to reach safety somehow on our own.

He said, "There's a space station not far at all.
We could reach in two days at a jet powered crawl.
Now jets are quite simple, we could build one from here.
Just a valve-line to the surface from one tank of beer."

So we cheered our salvation, and we mourned for the brew,
And we sealed on the pipes, as he showed us to do.
Then we opened the fuel line with the ship aimed toward home.
And we rode to the station on a long wake of foam.

So at last when his ship came to take us in tow,
Just an hour from the station with three tanks to go.
We drank up the fuel and were feeling no pain,
When the Space Marine left us with a look of disdain.

So cheer for us Guardsmen riding in on the foam.
We were drunker than lords by the time we got home.

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to be honest, I dont even know where to start. I'm just a History buff that loves 40k and wants a unique army to bring to play

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and 2/2

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>See, when Elysians invade an enemy planet, we've gotta buy all our own shit. Me and Brad spent 500 thrones of our own money just fixing up the Tauros. Bought our own antennas, filters, these cammie nets. We even painted it ourselves. So yeah, homes. We pimpin'.

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Great book! the arbites overseeing the press gang was a bitching theme.

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Well...I was playing a guardsman, so essentially nothing.

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Not so much more than the rest of GW. He just edges out on top.

To be honest, I couldn't care less either way.

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I lol'd.

Best one.

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Shootan dudes, worshipping the dark powers.

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Guess I'm an oddball...Guard for life.

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A philosophy to unite all Mankind?

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Yeah, I remember number crunching years ago with powered armor Grey Knights at 25 points per unit. Urgh.

Loved their stat line but that shit was expensive.

I just remember getting a full storm trooper squad in the old codex for like 130 something with a rhino? Its been awhile... but yeah Stormtroopers were great as a troop choice for Inquistorial armies.

... Man I'm turning into one of those 'Back in the previous edition' guys, aren't I?

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Your platoon is following its orders on defending some podunk town on some backwater planet when suddenly the Imperial fleet in orbit gets its shit wrecked.

Suddenly lolnosupport and your players have to switch tactics and strategies as supplies start to get low and the enemy is just fucking everywhere.

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rolled 73 = 73

Sketch having smoked his lho down halfway and fixed his bayonet, begins to pray to the emperor for protection.

Rolling for protection

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Sweet! So as long as no one else bets I win if he bangs her! Yeeah!

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So Tg, I Recently started GM a game of Dark Heresy for my friends. The premiss of the campaign being that Their all Imperial Guardsmen fighting off the early stages of an Ork waagh. (we started before only war was released.)
I'v recently run into a problem though. Grenades.
their absoultly worthless.
Frag 2d10 X dmg, 0 pen, Blast (4)
Krak 2d10+4 X dmg, 6 pen

The average ork has toughness bonus of 4 and untraul toughness of x2. so even without armor their barely taking 2 damage on the avrage attack. even against most human targets, with average TB and flak armor their ignoring the same amount as well.
and then theirs the krak grenades. their marginaly better at taking down heavly armored foes then the frags are. but not signifigantly better like they should be, and against vehicles their almost completly useless. with a max of 24 damage they can barley beat out the rear and side armor to an Ork Trukk. and Cant get past the front armor at all. Actualy damaging the structural Integrity of the vehicle is more or less out of the question.

so, is their a better version of the grenades somewhere, or do i need to create my own?

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For the Emperor, Anon.
For the Emperor.

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Man, you do what you can with what you've got.
Pic related: it's the best thing Advice Guardsman has ever said.

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