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I want a story driven game about Valkyrie pilots.

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Look at it, it's PERFECT. Sort of I guess it can be more sleek and less boxy, let me get on that real quick.

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I would actually like a story driven game about Valkyrie Pilots.

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Say I have a squad of 2 Valkyries. "Why are they squadded? Vehicle squadron rules suck!" Who cares, not important. They both have vet squads embarked and are held in reserve. Rulebook says squads in a transport are rolled for together, but I don't think any other codex has vehicle squadrons with transport capacity, so best I can figure is I roll for the Valks as a unit and they come on together with their cargo as one, since the Valkyries can't be separated.

So what happens if I add a third Valkyrie to the squad, and this one has a PCS from an infantry platoon inside? Platoons are rolled for together for reserves, so they enter play as one FOC choice. So I can't split the platoon during deployment rolls, and I can't split the Valkyrie squad either; does that force the platoon and Valkyries (and other cargo) to enter on the same roll?

Going to ask the local refs anyway, but it could be neat.

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