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The majority of Cyberpunk does not feature privileged characters. Generally the characters are underdogs, I don't know what info you are getting to think otherwise.
The rest of your post is likewise retarded.
Deiselpunk shouldn't be called deiselpunk because the suffix makes little sense, albeit more sense than it does for steampunk. The genre is good, it just needs a naming convention that actually suits it.

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Maybe one day it will have some plasma cannons too?
Also, now that BigDog is untippable, we are doomed to extinction once they gain sentience.

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That looks like a bigdog, it would give zero fucks. Pic related

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I'm playing a Gamma World one off this weekend instead of my regularly scheduled 4e game.

Can we have a post-apocalypse art thread to inspire me?

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I'd call it 'reality inspired' (not to be confused with 'realistic') or 'anthropomorphic hardware'. I see bit's an pieces of actual military hardware in use today integrated into these designs. Everything from automated gun sensors to 'Big Dog'.

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