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Hey, /tg/. You've been a big ass friend and, sure, sometimes I never really treated you so well for all the times you've entertained me with your stories and your tips.
Half of that is borne from the fact that whenever I make a thread, it's always generally ignored or something.
But that's fine, it's just a half-assed grudge and an excuse for me to monkey around with you.
Generally you my monkeying around.
Generally most of you tag along so I know I'm not alone in my quest to lighten the mood up. It's just that sometimes I do it when I shouldn't.
So yeah, sorry Questers and etc. Sometimes, I'm the one suggesting trippy shit.

But I digress.
This open letter is borne from a mid-gaming life crisis and I'm sure that we can manage to talk about it - I'm certainly not the only one that is going through it, I bet.
I've been looking for a local crew to play games with because I used to play via skype and msn. I'm also a WoD (old and new - Hey, let's avoid the wars!) fan, so it's harder to find good, not special snowflake people to play with. A few months back I managed to create one (I mean, create - I went full Sabbat and kicked a few noggers until they "gave in". They're loving their nerdy condition, now) and started WoD.

But I feel empty.
I see your stories of adventuring and I envy that. I see your "I did this, GM saw that, I played thus" and think "My player did That, I saw That and he Played That".
They're not boring characters. They are diverse and funny enough. They're interesting.
It's just that I can't seem to get that sort of adventure feel. It's...
I'm not sure. Perhaps it's the nWoD Vampire setting that is just too "bleak"? I'm unsure, I just feel that I'm going to get heavily bored with anything that I might try to pick up.

I wonder if someone else feels the same about their games.
Wanna discuss it?

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Fans of transgendered folks sadly seem to share an acronym with us.

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