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>The infamous Ork Hunters of the Armageddon Imperial Guard are afraid of one Ork and one Ork alone. In the dark nights of the equatorial jungles between Prime and Secundus, these grizzled veterans whisper tales of Boss Snikrot, the Stalker. They tell of a killer who slips through the jungle like a ghost, who can pass through throttlevine groves without disturbing a single leaf. They tell of a savage hunter who lives for vengeance, whose eyes blaze with the devilish light of hatred. Finally, they tell of his victims, left to bleed to death with their eyes put out and their scalps ripped free from their skulls.

>Boss Snikrot was a Kommando in high regard at the time of Ghazghkull’s first invasion, and his was amongst the first of the Ork tribes to navigate the green hell that separates Armageddon Prime from Armageddon Secundus. The sea of jungle was vast, and Snikrot’s Kommandos soon separated from the main tribe. Straying towards Cerberus base, the majority of his tribe fell foul of the Imperial Guard jungle-fighting specialists stationed in the heart of the verdant realm. Snikrot ordered his boyz to withdraw, vowing to conquer the environment before they turned their attention to the human bases.

>Snikrot had learnt his lesson well. He vowed to fight a guerrilla war from the heart of the jungle, stripping his kit down to the bare minimum so that the colour of his skin blended in with the jungle itself. He and his Kommandos became one with the tangled vegetation, their tough hides and strong metabolism giving them a natural resistance to the lethal defences of the tangled and nightmarish environment. Snikrot and his lads refined their already prodigious abilities in stealth and sabotage until they were able to slip into an Imperial Guard barracks and kill the residents in their sleep. Thus began a campaign of terror and psychological warfare that has plagued the Imperial war effort upon Armageddon ever since.

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