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What's a paladin?

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What's a paladin?

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Rolled 89, 33 = 122

The blazing column of blue and white flame that is the Avatar's ethereal form looms through the mist, burning it away with his mere presence as his voice increases in volume.

"“Balance, you fools! You know nothing of beings gods.”

“That's rich talk from you, slave of Order," Mislaato hisses. "Your codes and laws will have no meaning when we are done."

"If you think I am a slave to Order, you truly know nothing of Virtue," the Avatar states. "Children forced to be pilots... Children forced to be gods... Do you know the damage you are doing? If you intervene in everything, you're taking away the potential of the people you must protect. Their lives stop becoming a mystery and journey for them to grow and blossom and become all about serving YOU.
You talk about protecting and saving people, but in the end, all you've done is glorify YOURSELVES. In casting aside Humility, you've cast aside your humanity. You've doomed your people to slavery, YOUR slavery. What hope can a nascent actor have of taking a star role if he is always following behind the most famous of the world's stage?”

“Weak and petty justifications for gods to avoid action, we've seen them before," Tzintchi hisses. "How many pantheons lay back, uncaring, allowing their worshippers to suffer again and again and do nothing? You expect us to stay idle?!"

“Balance, I said! There are subtle ways to guard your wards without dictating their fates! Not that you bothered with trying to find out, you egomaniacs!” the Avatar shoots back. "Now, release my friends from your prison!"

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What's a paladin?

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The upside of waiting so long is that I get bored and write vignettes.

The downside? Well. We'll get to that later...

“Welcome back, Avatar,” Cheryl said, giving the Titan of Ether a light embrace and clapping him on the back. She stepped back, chuckling. “Did you have fun resting up in the shores of the Ether or wherever it is you went?”

“Not as much as you had with your vacation,” the Avatar said, smiling. “Is it true that you got drunk enough to suspend the gravity in the whole nightclub for a full ten minutes before someone was able to get you to undo it?”

Cheryl's face contorted, her mouth opening in silent indignation. She shut it and grimaced. “...maybe. Who told you?”

“As a Titan, I see and know things mortal men may not,” the Avatar rumbled, his eyes flashing blue. Then he grinned. “Or maybe Alicia and Lavian just can't keep their mouths closed.”

“Those sneaky little gossips!” Cheryl shouted, slamming a fist into her palm. “Oh, I'll find something for them to gossip about!”

“Easy now, no harm done. Besides, even if they hadn't, someone else would've probably said something. It sounds like you put on quite a show,” the Avatar lightly said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “No harm was done, and it honestly didn't sound that embarrassing. I could tell you things I've seen my companions do that were far more worthy of guffaws.”

“But WILL you?” Cheryl asked, crossing her arms. The Avatar grinned.
“Sadly, Honor requires me to be silent, and I need not violate Truth as long as I do so.”

“Bah,” Cheryl snorted. “Someone should remind Agrias to teach her pet squires about that.”

“Perhaps,” the Avatar said. The smile on his face faded. “You've seen the visions. Are you ready?”

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Rolled 18

Your men scramble to obey your orders.


Event: The Return
Time: Day 31, afternoon.

The Farseers were in a circle in the small empty room when the time came. They had foreseen it. They had prepared. They gathered psychic energy to themselves as the first tear in space and time shown through above them. The tears grew, ripping apart reality for a brief instant as they coalesced into a shimmering sapphire rectangular gateway. A beaten and blackened figure stumbled forth, the Farseers catching him with invisible hands before he could fall, helping him to stand. He waved a hand at the moongate, closing it with a thought as he stood.

“So,” the lead Farseer intoned. You return.”

“I return,” the Avatar said, standing tall, but tired. “The final battle is close. For this band of heroes.”

“Yes,” another of the Farseers said. “You know what is coming. You know it as well as we do. You could have chosen to remain in your place of rest.”

“Perhaps...” the Avatar panted. “...but I did not.”

The farseers were silent.

“You truly are a remarkable specimen of the mon'keigh,” one finally stated. “Perhaps if more were like you, our world would be a lighter place, even if only a little.” The Avatar grinned slighty.

“Perhaps,” he said. “What has happened since my absence?”

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"I could."

"No, boss, no hackers."

"No sign yet."

"All right."

It ain't pretty, but while Chaosbringer was busying himself with Ultimecia, the Avatar manages to slip in under his defenses.

"Beings like you don't deserve even this foul magic!" he says. Then he jams one of his blazing hands into Chaosbringer's chest, the place where his heart should be.

The Titan of Ether can pull a lot of stunts with magic even Mystra or them three moon gods the Krynnish worship might get a little jealous of. This is one of them. The Avatar reaches into Chaosbringer, locates the focal point for his essence, and grabs... Well, I guess you might think of it as a loose string. He grabs that string and PULLS, unraveling his essence, stripping away every last nugget of magic from that monster. Chaosbringer starts coming apart like the Calamity itself was hitting him. He don't go quietly though. Chaosbringer, he takes his hand and tries to plunge it into the Avatar, but he ain't having any of that.

A fiery barrier of raw Virtue springs up between the two, burning away the dark hand and keeping it away. It takes effort, though. A lot of it. The Avatar puts every last bit of his strength into that barrier and as Chaosbringer's magic leaves him, throws it forward, enveloping the dark god and crushing him in its blaze. The white inferno swallows him whole, his last words not even a curse, but a shriek of impossible pain as the cloud of fire contracts until it's smaller than a pinprick of pure light. Then it vanishes, taking the darkness with it.

The Avatar collapses, his energy near completely drained. Vanishes from sight shortly after.

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What's a paladin?

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