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>new-age babbu game DMing sections

It reminds me of this shit advice:
>When you make a mystery, just listen to the players' theory and pick the most interesting one!
FUCK NO! If they can't solve a mystery even thought they have all the clues needed for it, their retarded theory won't become true.

Seems like some people took the advice about being fans of your players a little too far.
Now ask those GM if they told their players that they fudge the dice/mystery, guess what is their answer?

Wanna know why? Because once a player know their GM are fudging, it makes them questions if all the victories they had until now was given from the GM, and not from their clever play.

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Damn wreckers. We let you get away from the EU yoke for a moment and you are already getting commonwealth ideas.

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>playing wizard in CoS
>have had the spellbook form the DH since 2ed level, am now level 8, having survived the whole time
>have not added a single fucking spell to my book form any sources at all, since the DM has kept the prices at the ridiculous 10x price everywhere, and no where can i get resources what so ever to put spells down
>not even a single level one spell, only new ones i get are the ones on level

damnit Jackie, I want to play wizard just once in my life. I'm tired of being the face tank, i just want to sling spells!

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Seriously, why do you cunts never put a link to previous thread in your OP???

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triggered beyond all fucking belief

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Shut the fuck up you god damn furry cunt.

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>Give me VECT BACK

Give me: Kheradruakh, Lady Malys, Baron Sathonyx and Duke Sliscus back

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>EDH league at local game store
>each player has 10 points to hand out to the other players for good plays, politics, bargaining or any reason whatsoever, but all 10 have to be given out
>another 5 points given to the winner of the pod
>Player with the most points each week gets packs, most points for the month gets $50 store credit and one of the 5 Commander pre-cons but 2nd place gets nothing
>leading the league with 50 points, second place has 37
>lots of new people in the final week, my pod is 2 regulars and a new player, 2nd place guy has 3 new players with him
>He goes infinite with Roon and wins in ~6 turns
>I play a fun game with Thassa sea creatures that lasts 1.5 hours and lose to a Meren deck that just overtook board (No GY hate in my sea creatures deck....)
>Politicked and bargained my way to 20 points, and 70 total
>Thought I won because the only was for the 2nd place guy to get all the points in his pod
>He gave each of the new players some commander cards in exchange for all their points, giving him 35 points or 72 total
>League manager won't disqualify him for bribing
>I get butthurt
>Next month the league removes that point structure because of the bribe factor and makes infinite combos lose you points

Fucking tryhards, why play commander competitively?

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Why is subversion and being unique terrible? Do you always play cookie cutter "dashing rogue" and "heroic knight" stereotypes?

Attacking OP just becasue you're a shitty player...has tg come to this?

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You really could've found a less cumbersome way to upload.

But GOD FUCKING DAMNIT. Did Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle teach these people how to play?

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>tfw got only 2 of them for 3 bucks
>tfw hoped it would get cheaper as it seemed to be "ruinous path" tier rare.

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I'm assuming you murdered them and then hid the bodies right?

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not him, but the player pact exists for a reason, and is also the reason as I GM I try not to allow those situations to present themselves.

protip for gms wanting to avoid this: having the party belong to some sort of association they can draw supplies/coin/else from is useful for things like that, it also means npc #4532 doesn't have to have bags of shit on-hand, he simply owes <association> a favor/tribute/connection that your PCs can leverage. so far in every instance I've used that its proven useful because it also gives a nice way to tie an otherwise disparate party together, just ask your players "what reason would your character have to voluntarily join <association>" at character creation.

>few weeks before campaign starts complain about railroading in a different campaign
>make doubly sure there are multiple threads/options open at all times with interesting attention-grabbers
>they proceed to fuck about in a town and ignore every, single, one.
>bitch about railroading when they get thrown out of the town by the head of the watch for thieving

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>literally an entire board on 4chan devoted to game of thrones
>still has to be a thread for it on /tg/

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eesh touchy, I'm not the OP btw

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> have skill in high school
> spend free time sketching or doodling all the time
> git good
> graduate
> have next to no free time between college and two jobs
> get regular steady job years later where I have shit loads of free time and are off weekends
> skills has deteriorated to worse then ever.
> can't get back into the swing of it.

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Can you believe the new update they've made to Taxes & Transactions, our General Practitioner cannot branch out into any archetypes, our Teaching Assistant cannot go anywhere with their career path and the Disabled Carer Archetype doesn't exist any more.

Please tell me I'm not the only one angry about this.

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some people

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Your post needed a trigger warning.

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This anon is a faggot. Do not do this.

The most common changes are to rangers. Beastmasters are the weakest in the game. Most things are fine though.

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>yfw dwarves are 4-5 feet tall and the same Size as your Goliath

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Oh poo

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