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Good day /tg/. I've recently been trying to make a guide to playing orks for as cheap as possible, as I've seen people ask about it time and time again.

Any suggestions on things to include are welcomed.


1. Avoid buying directly from GW. Order from websites like MiniWarGaming.com where you'll get at least 30% off GW's SRP. Ebay and Craigslist is also good options.

2. Here is a site where you can order a AoBR kit with double the orks and no space marines. It also costs less than GW's SRP. It's a very quick way to get alot of boys and nobs to base your infantry on. The mass of slugga boy models is what you can expect to be using as parts when making different dakka, powerklaws, and other things.

3. Be willing to convert your models.
3a. This means that you'll have to at least get some greenstuff or greystuff to work with. You don't have to be masterful with sculpting or anything. You'll find yourself using it most often to fill in gaps, but you should find yourself working up to making flaps of cloth hopefully.
3b. I also strongly advise you invest in some plasticard(styrene) sheets, rods, and tubes of a few different thicknesses. The sheets are arguably more important as it's the base material for making things like armor plates and power klaws. You can use different sizes of piping or even drinking straws to substitute for rod/tubes, but expect to reinforce weaker materials like drinking straws with some GS so they're more usable.
3c. Consider buying small magnets. Some kits come with all the possible extra options the unit can use. With some clever use of magnets, you can switch out the weapons on a model at any time. It'll most often be cheaper to integrate magnets into your models than it is to buy enough kits to models that represent have every combination of gear for a unit. MiniWarGaming.com has a guide about different sizes of magnets and what to use them for.

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Could really use that photo.

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rolled 9 = 9

Sure, why not?

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Ey you boiz! Iz orkz guud fer newbzez playin 4D'K?

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>Notices there's no mention of orks AT ALL in the thread.

I am disappoint.

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DAT'S ZOGGIN TEAMWORK! *guitar-rift*

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