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It's not about the fluff. It's about getting the basic Tau battle rifle up to par with the faction's theme - a good shooting phase with the enemy kept beyond arm's reach. I wanted to give accurate fire to pulse rifle wielding Fire Warriors in light of the changes I'd wanted to see made to pulse carbines, so there'd still be a reason to take pulse rifles. Basically, the goal is to make pulse rifles "better for engaging infantry at long range" and carbines "more versatile and generally effective at short range."


Pinning doesn't work on fuck or shit in this game. Ideally, the whole pinning rules should be redone so that pinning actually works, but instead of getting into that, I just wanted to shoot for a special photon grenade rule that would make them more reliable as a means of holding off a footslogging foe that is trying to close to melee. Plus it would add a layer of strategy to the Tau shooting phase - you could fire a whole volley of photon grenades from a squad, but every grenade launched would mean two less shots of actual lethal effect on the target. I think it's a fair danger.


Wave Serpents also have much better weapons options than Devilfish do. Devilfish can't pack weapons of a higher strength value than 5, excepting two disposable missiles. Even though Tau doctrine strips heavy weapons away from Fire Warriors because the vehicles are expected to carry the heavy weapons instead, their most basic and prolific vehicle surprisingly lacks options to fill the gaps left by their restrictive infantry doctrine. That's why Devilfish are so overcosted even if you compare them to Wave Serpents - the latter can actually provide meaningful fire support in a game. I think Tau do need either better fire support from their Devilfish, or a cheaper battle taxi to make them the mass mobile army everyone says they are, or better yet, the option to choose between either.

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The closest thing to what you're talking about are the stealth suits. They're the lone wolves of the fire caste and used a spec.ops.

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Special rules in the next Tau codex

>Character Shields
All characters get a 2+ WBB save.

>Plot Armour
Choose any 1 Tau unit. That unit is unkillable for the rest of the turn and has at least 1W.

>...if we all work together...
Each extra Tau in a unit gives a +1 to S. Applies to shooting and melee.

>Incompetent Enemies
Take control of any 1 enemy unit each turn. You can have them attack each other.

>Heroic Last Stand
Re-roll to hit and to damage rolls when outnumbered in combat

>Heroic Sacrifice
Each Tau unit killed get another shooting round

>Movie Hero
All Tau units with LD8 or higher automatically hit any non-hero enemies.

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Let me rephrase that, then. Tau are bad because there is absolutely no give in their single list, which itself is only mid-low tier.

I admitted as much. I have a trio of Hammerheads that I nearly always run as Railheads. They tend not to last nearly as long as I would like, even given their amazing ability to move 24" if they absolutely have to. I can't imagine a Broadside surviving for long at all, given the much shorter movement range. The re-roll would be a life-saver, though, given the low Tau BS. It's literally a 50/50 chance with the Hammerhead.

The TX-1 Piranha from Forge World is indeed a sweet ride, and I wanted some for quite a while. The average Piranha is nothing to write home about, but the upgrade...

Regardless, I'm selling the army anyway. I've got 4,500 points that I'd like to convert into about 1,500 IG, maybe some Ogres for Fantasy

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>That dude's still alive and probably going to kick its ass.

hope he has dices with noly 6 writen it all it's faces

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Make Vespid better
Make kroot a bit better
Make drones better
Make Ethereals MUCH better
Make Gue'vasa better
Make Skyrays better
Make Steal Suits a little better

Thats all I can think of right now, and of course wanting new units.

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You guys are thinking too far ahead.
Yeah, wish or vorpal weapons when it's on zero HP.

Here's the problem.

Getting enough HP off the thing in the first place, holy shit look at this damn thing.

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Really? Thats all they could do?
Alright guys, lets go back to base.

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Oh thats just over kill

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U mad?

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They're called stealthy teams you maroon

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Alright, this has been bothering me lately
Why exactly did they put miniguns on XV-15s?
Don't they know how much that would ruin their stealth?

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