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If they're sufficiently powerful then they wouldn't be aware of lesser races at all.

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Living in the ICoG would absolutely suck.
>Hundreds of millions of child soldiers slaughtered every day in a pointless war
>Thanks to time travel each child soldier will die hundreds of times a day
>If they somehow survive a battle, they'll either be trapped in a dead future with zero chance of survival, or sent back in time just before the battle to report back to your superiors and try again
>If you're not a child soldier you're living in a coalescence, a literal human ant farm built out of feces with a million people crammed into a space the size of a city block
>The ICoG's ultimate goal is to create a metaphysical intelligence that will force every human who ever lived to experience all the pain and suffering of every other human who ever lived, over the course of quadrillions of relative years
>Over the course of the five million years the books cover, only a few hundred people out of all humanity have a happy ending

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You've heard about them in who would win threads, now you should read the books the Xeelee come from.

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I've yet to read a series that does time travel better.

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Just finishing up the Xeelee sequence. It's crazy just how large the scale of everything gets.

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