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I'm so gonna wound my players so some of them will be forced to take augmentics... and they're gonna love the hell out of it !
Pic related - they're going on a chaos infested world, next session... good oportunity to take out some limbs.

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Shoot both. All this Imperial Guard infighting is making a target rich environment for Chaos.

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actually... I can totally see this being the mindset of a lot of Chaos cults. Especially when you factor in the average imperial being rather less informed about the worlds they live in than the average person today.

Half of them are probably certain that chaos will lead them into a new world of harmony harmony oooh looove~ (especially when you factor in Grandpapa Nugle's loving nature and some of the more tasteful aspects of Slannesh.)

Of course the whole 'overthrow the system keepen us down maahhn!' would probably be right up Tzeentch's alley... especially when you factor in the contradictory 'ultra-fascist freedom fighter' angle.

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Man, you're the worst Chapter Master.

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rolled 12 = 12


Why mutants/traitors/cultists aren't part of the daemon/CSM codices is beyond me.

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