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Guess what part of me is metal...

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I'd like to serve in the Admech.

Though I'd want to avoid the most rigid and dogmatic of oversight. Perhaps I'll serve as an explorator, or aboard a rogue trader's vessel if possible.

I will fix the galaxy with SCIENCE.

And make sure my bionics look good. Really, there's no excuse for looking like the bastard offspring of a forklift and a box of tangled christmas lights.

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>Oh dear, how bad is it
It has a lot of red tones to it, semi military ending in a skirt. It's not terribly revealing but they're them so anything can be a force multiplier for ridicule (at least I'm not at my old job still)

>Even if they're okay with it?
Oh lord no, the triangle isn't with them, well not the girlfriend anyway. There's this guy I rescued and he likes me but thinks my roommate is my boyfriend and even when I say that he isn't he thinks I like my roommate in a romantic way.

>Tabletop appreciation
I really haven't thought about it all that much, I'm playing male characters more and I take them a lot less seriously. We had this one power gaming asshole, didn't make it fun for anyone but I just decided not to give a fuck since I'd probably be blasting a gargantuan bison some time in the next few hours
Still think casters are overpowered

>Bad deal
I suppose not, just glad it didn't stick me as a loli. I'm in better shape than I was before

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Little did the Mechanicus know the perp was hiding among their own ranks.

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>* A Tech-Priest trying to make the perfect pie for her commissar

We all know there is only one true qt3.14 tech-priest who loves food in our hearts. So I second this request and suggest adding Jurgen in. Just hanging out.

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I know I'm not the only one who find Tech Priestesses hotter than Sisters of Battle.

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Imagine Professor Farnsworth of futurama.

Paint his robe red. Now replace his glasses with artificial eyes.

Replace made up technical jargon with prayers.


sadly I can't find my picture of Magus Farnsworth.

Have one of Felicia Tayber instead.

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That one did.

She was fairly well down the hierarchy and so possessed few cyber-blessings.

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Sorry about that. I'm not too picky with these and I've yet to fire anything more than a fairly straight-forward hand-gun or a 22 rifle.

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There was no tension.

Cain was definitely making sweet, sweet Omnissiah approved love to her.

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>No Augmentics
>Green Eyes

This shouldn't be too hard to find. One moment.

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>disruptive technology
We Adeptus Mechanicus now

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Too bad there's no pics of her sitting on that mechandrite.

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I'm thinking a Caiphas Cain novel, preferably Death or Glory. Limited exposition needed, decent story, and some great action.

I think Michael Mann would be a good director for it.

Felica Day as Felicia(name aside, she seems fitting for a 'what does this button do' style techpriest)

Johny Depp as Cain(because screw it, why not).

Don't know many Russian actors, so I can't make much of a suggestion on Jurgen.

...and I can't remember enough about the rest of the characters to make much recommendation on cast.

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Don't Secutors (one who fights) and the Tayber (one who eats).

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She's gonna eat me alive.

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Let's discuss how female tech-priests are amazing, and have a general female tech-priest thread.

Now I have only made one female tech-priest so far, i should make another one, because my first was made back when i knew nothing about the universe, the game, the rules etcetra...

Now, she is a void born, got a nice bionic leg and is a medical goddess in that she can still succeed on a -60 medicae test.

Now, she is a void born, and giving her a nice back story would be kinda nice.

She was born and raised on the biggest type of ship the imperium has to offer and has the rank of lieutenant, now she is more social and emotional then the typical tech-priest and spent most of her days greeting passengers, that was visiting for whatever reason... Now, she was initiated at a young age, and showed average skills with technology, above average for the common man, now she ended up having a skill, healing, she did not do it much as she never realised "Wow im fucking good at this" so she just was the subpar doctor that did first aid and stuff.

Now this is basically what happens before she is introduced to the group that works for an inquisitor, and it seems kinda bleh... I need more... more story, like skills i have currently, skills and talents, and how my life revolved around using such... actually screw that for now

Post some female tech-priest pictures, and tell me of your female tech-priest, imma just leave mine with a blank backstory... she was born from a vat and woke up 5 minutes before being introduced to the group, that works...

So you know how tech-priests usually have grills on their face, how to remove that to seem like a normal person, and a cute girl instead of a murder cyborg without being 'that guy'

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Best magos indeed. Have some pre-magos Felicia.

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How would you go about tracking down several crime lords in an underhive equipped with explosive collars, and some shitty weapons.

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