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I don't think so, its not baroque enough. If anyone's got the Horus Heresy art books, it should be in there. Its part of the Hands of the Emperor extra long piece

This is and Adrian Smith Custodes.

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Custodes because I'm a magpie and easily guiled by a bit of polished gold.

FUCK YEAH I WANNA BE CUSTODES. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 miles from all the warzones and BEST WORKING ENVIRONMENT EVER.

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The best 10 people per server ought to be allowed to be Custodes. On the Chaos side they can be...who cares, Custodes fuck yeah.

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The true purpose of the Guardian Spears is to beat the bitches back. That's the real reason he had Companions.

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Event # 2
Ork spores detected.

[Triggered if there is a WAAAAAAAGH in a nearby sector]

"Your sensors have deteced ork spores in the atmosphere of [Homeworld/Recruitment World]. It is believed that the planet is entering the first stages of an ork infestation. This will be your only chance to stop the infestation while it is controllable, though finding the source of the spores will likely take time, and have considerable risk. Your men await orders."

Option A: Send recon team to weed out the infestation - [SQAUD] will be temporarily unavailable for missions, 20% chance of failure.

Option B: We can't take any risk. Exterminate the planet. - [Planet] population reduced to 0, [Planet] industry reduced to 0, Chapter master gains trait "Purger".

Option C: We can handle orks. Don't worry about it. - [Planet] gets level 1 Ork infestation, Chapter Master receives trait "Lazy".

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“I told you to wake up!” Sergeant Maximus bellowed. Junius bolted upright. The fringes of his memory grasped at what remained of his vision. “I-I-I saw him… I saw him…” he muttered as his conscious mind finally took hold. “I don’t care what you bloody saw, bunk time is over, soldier!” Maximus pounded him on the shoulder with a dull thud, forcing Junius out of his bunk and onto the cold metallic floor of the barracks. “Now get dressed, and inspect your gear! You’re already running late!” Junius nodded half-heartedly as he took to his feet. Several of the other Custodes in the barracks were giving him wayward glances, but most were habitually inspecting the various items in their gear, as the Custodes were usually found doing. Junius gathered his thoughts, and turned to open his footlocker. There would be a time for meditation on what he had seen. For now, his duties would have to come first.

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Oh, Xanthis, you lovable heretic.

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These fucking guys are awesomeley awesome. They are the ultimate fighting machines of humanity and are said to be only slightly below the primarchs in terms of their martial prowess.

They are so manly that in the novel The First Heretic that 4 Custodes slaughter half a Imperial Army of the Euchar on a ship and then when they try to escape on a drop ship they get shot down...onto a planet from orbit, but they are still alive and make a last stand.

Why the fuck didnt the emperor just be patient and made legions of them instead of spess mehereens?

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Maybe if we put an eagle there...

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Adeptus Custodes reporting in the name of the Emperor.

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Good evening elegen/tg/entlemen,

With the new Grey Knights codex coming out in a few months I plan on starting up my GK army again. But instead of being like everyone else playing the awesome knights, I want to make an entire Adeptus Custodes army.

What I need in order to make accurate conversions is a whole boat load of images of everything the Adeptus Custodes have in their arsenal, from Companions, Terminators, and Jetbikes, to Rhinos and Dreadnoughts. Anything you have works.

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I am disappoint....

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