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I was pretending they are.....>>31523503

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...oh...oh god that youtube link...

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I know that feel. I wish RotP was better written.

>Artemis Entreri: The only man I've ever truly loved.

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Requesting pictures of characters with facial hair.
Beards, moostaches, side burns, the lot of it.

Pic entirely unrelated because I GOT NOTHING

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Best Guard picture ever.

captcha: eporthi greatest.

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Death, or surrender.

I for one welcome our Imperial overlords.

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>Random chapter
>Heavily populated world with good industrial capabilities. Maintains IG regiments despite not needing to.
>Spend 200 turns building up chapter from scratch. Just hit 600 Marines when receive yet ANOTHER call to send troops to aid in a millitary situation.
>Load 4 companies onto a battle barge and off they go.
>'Fleet 1 has been lost in the warp'
>Start to rebuild. Accept penalty for not helping when called for.
>60 turns pass. Build up to three whole companies.
>Losing defensive battle against Ork Waaagh. Holding reasonably well, but still losing.
>PDF nearly wiped out, IG regiments a fraction of their former strength
>Salamander bros arrive to help, along with a few other companies from different chapters and some IG.
>Orks finally driven back, 55 turns after conflict began
>20 Marines remain in entire chapter. Rebuilding at any reasonable rate impossible.
>'Fleet 1 has returned from the warp'

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"Sorry son, but daddy has to go now."

"But daddy, where are you going?!"

"I'm going to go and punch Satan in the dick."

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One of my favorite 40k pics.

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I'm sorry, but daddy has to go now, son. He has to go into space and fight for peace and justice.
Grow up strong.

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Show me what it's like,
to dream in black and white.

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>"DADDDY!" You hear the cry of a young child, rapidly approaching your location. At first, you dismiss it as background noise, one of the teeming masses interacting with their offspring. But no, it was not so. Before you stands a child, of about five or six years old, of indeterminable gender in that way that only children can be.

Your character is approached by a child of an appropriate race. The child claims that your character is his/her father, and that his/her mother died recently and she/he was told to seek your character out.

What does your character do?
EXTRA ROUND: Same as above, but the child is bearing a magic ring of a type appropriate for your level. The ring was supposed to be the mother's dowry to your character, but was never presented until now.

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>I know the Imperium is evil
I'm the OP and even I'm having a hard time hearing what you're saying.
Yes, the Imperium takes measures which are EXTREAM (Exterminatus) and is horribly xenophobic, but they do so for the survival of humanity. As they've said, some may question your right to end a billion lives to kill a million offenders, but when you understand the threat they hold you realize you have no RIGHT to let them LIVE.
Again the best sum-up for all of this is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tfJ2a7wD24
I have never found a better explination.
Innocents die so that humanity may live. This has always been.

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Tallarn Don't Surf.

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Daddy is going on a long, long trip sweetie. But never forget me

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I'd like to see a 40k movie done in the style of Saving Private Ryan.

No big picture or 'save the universe' stuff, just following the story of a squad of Veterans or some such as they go about fighting to take back some city or another.

no love stories, no sappy moments, just battle scene after battle scene with Russ's blowing up demons and guardsmen going toe to toe with mutated cultists.

No space marines either, at least not the loyalist kind.

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