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>In my own opinion Israel should not exist as a state as it has created 90% of today's problems in the Middle East.

We never talk about the Russkies funding everyone who potentially could cover Russia's long Eurasian flank against US intrusions... or the Sauds funding all those terrorists groups in order to be allowed to keep on fucking whores on gambling tables while pissed.

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They're aiming for the US market, you know.

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>>Asscrack latches on to Dickhead like only a 30-year-old obese basementdweller can, somewhat akin to a dog to bacon

This analogy fail becaue dogs usually quickly reach a point where they had enough bacon. They then bury the remains somewhere and go back to lazing around, chasing sticks or licking their assholes.

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>How many fucking mangas have used this? Is this a secret Japanese desire?

It's probably their equivalent of the US's desire to get raped by killer robots of their own making....

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Well, at least you know that AMERICA STROnG!

That's something already, I guess...

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>So, this last game, I decide to get clever with these guys. If they want a game where they're all playing these freak races, I'm going to take full advantage of this. So I make the game largely revolve around how they don't belong.

That is all you can do? Pitiable.

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That's just dandy, because your knowledge of German poltics is over 60 years old too.

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>music emulation
I remember some guy travelling to Europe and being all suprised that the continent makes its own music too.

Truefax. Only like half of what you hear on the radio's made in the US, even on heavily commercialized stations.

>clothing emulation
Erm, go to /fa/. They are constantly complaining that people in other countries do not dress like people in the US.

>TV emulation
Now where I'm from, the local shows are copies of Australian shows. And there's that whole Near-Middle-EAstern Sphere that's totally dominated by Saudi and Turkish program. Let's not talk about... Asia.

>food emulation
Haha, man, not even in the US do people eat MacDonalds all the time, and Subway failed to make inroads into Europe pretty hard. And the famous Toast Hawaii has nothing do do with Hawaii either.

>military emulation
Military cultures have turned out to be non-transferable. Famous case of it would be that the Swiss pretty much were always better than the Landsknechts even though they used the same weapon system. Same way that Egypt never really could into either US or Russian tactics, simply because their soldier material was not up to it.

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>Pretty much. In fairness to the Musou interpretation, he's pretty much just a faithfully devoted retainer who doesn't realize how pretty he is - and historically, Ranmaru WAS a pretty-boy and in a submissive relationship with his lord, Nobunaga Oda.

Ranmaru was a thrill-seeking slut, man. I've read the novels. Dude fucked every man that was pretty and dared to look at him while his master was nearby. The idea, that he could get both him and his lover killed for high treason, probably gave him enormours boners.

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>We are the premier product of 4.5 billion years of biological evolution and the way forward will be littered with failures and mistakes but it's our way.

Depends on how you define that. Sharks, to name an example, are a ways more successful design.

>I'm talking about how we've changed large parts of the world to suit us, yet we don't realize what we're doing.

Get in line behind plants, earthworms, insects, elephants and cows, bro. That's absolutely not remarkable for any lifefform.

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So basically the real reason why they won't put women into combat units is that they don't want to see their soldiers demoralized when the enemy steals the company's self-transporting, self-lubricationg ona-hole?

The stuff about: "But... OMG, they're like... men and they all gonna die trying to protect her!! OMG!!" that's usually put forward as an argument is a whole load of bull?

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>Mongrels don't know about the Bearosche Episodes of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival

Seriously, that's like a whole book dedicated to the problems of chivalry, illustrated by shitting all over people by fighting for their loli sister instead of them and beating up half a city half-naked with a chessboard as a shield and an iron bar.for a sword.

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Super Robot Wars Top Gear > RL Top Gear > whatever you've come up with

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I don't remember him gobbling up a third of a successor state like his father did.

He also sort of did not manage to profit from the fact that he's got children who could potentially inherit and unite the FWL, the Fedsuns and Kurita space while the other line's the last legitimate heirs to the Marik-name after the imposter's cover got blown by the Jihad.

And that even though he's the biggest war hero of his periode and that to warriors of all of these nations as he spearheaded Operation Bulldog.

A fine mary sue he is, died without leaving a legacy and with a life that's generally characterized as not having much of a lasting political impact.

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is this one of those threads where liking chicken means that you're a dirty mulatto, a stain upon the white master race and your grandparents were race traitors?

Because I believe it is.

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>doesn'y understand that cp has *never* been "edgy"

Ah, to be young and innocent and to not have lived or heard of the shit that went down during the 70s and 80s.

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They remember love, that's why they keep on making such great games.

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