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I absolutely love flickering ETB creatures, hence my first and favorite deck is helmed by Roon. However, the deck is extremely mid-range and only manages to "get there" either through Birthing Pod chaining or Tooth and Nail-ing into Avenger of Zendikar and Craterhoof Behemoth; this is the only way I ever manage to win, and wins with the deck are few and far between. Should I cut my losses and change the deck to fit Brago as the commander for a more powerful and consistent performance or does anyone know of some spicy tech I could use in Roon?

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>group makes its own ban list
>doesn't put Prime Time on
>build Roon
heh, nothin personell

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Also, when are we getting a Rhox Planeswalker?
>Roon of the Hidden Realm
should have shared my honorable mention spot, by the by. He's really fun to use in EDH.

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