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Yes, but I also want to have the dungeoneering aspect. Adventuring, a la DnD/Pathfinder/etc but with more of that tone. I would just say well... DnD/Pathfinder/etc, but I almost want some sort of rules for the epic kinds of tomfoolery like best-at-blowjobs curses and swirling-ink pussy traps (...how long do you think the confusion lasts?)

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Items that are magical, but in a way that isn't really useful.

Pic Related.

For Example:

Wand of Killing Yourself (Duh)
Ring of Optimism (Can't be removed, but you're optimistic about that)
Hat of Reduced Size (Reduces your height by one inch)
Dragon Belch Belt (You burp fire. You have no resistance to said fire, but it's not a lot of fire.)
Boots of Pessimism (Can be removed, but you don't think you should try)
Knife of Delayed Injury (Anyone stabbed will have the wound appear twelve minutes later. Operates normally on inanimate objects.)
Invisible Training Knife (Invisible to everyone else, but about as sharp as a bowling ball.)

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Teegee, I would like your help. I'm writing a comedy campaign, and I need ridiculous, goofy, and preposterous ideas. Some tongue-in-cheek encounters and plot hooks for my jaded verteran group.

I have had some ideas already. The first important NPC they'll meet is Dinosaur Wizard, whom is exactly what his name says he is. He will send them on a quest to find a powerful-but cowardly-intelligent item.

Pic related, I'm marathoning Oglaf to pillage ideas

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This is how I magical item.

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Unusual/funny magical artifacts thread?

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