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So is there literally *no* way of getting Lewdanons brilliant artworks somewhere uncensored?

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I found the Dark Heresy perils table!

Have a read.

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I hope it isn't mind_break. That isn't fun!

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Oh I know bro, but somebody mentioned "Kitten Mod" the guy who posted the sticky. Was it him who created a troll thread on /tg/ just so he could ban people for being rude... While he had his Mod tag on? Which caused him to be reported and he claimed it was photoshoped (the evidence). Think he was removed, dunno.

I have lots of cool LewdAnon pictures, but some are NSFW and thus can't be posted. Wasn't the entire point of spoilers for NSFW stuff?

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That could be an idea. Offer the game as F2P, but if you spend, say, $50, you get everything. With stuff like vehicles and fortresses being extra, but you get the races and some (or all) classes.

Smite did a good deal during beta, you spend $40 and you get all the God's (characters) currently available and every new one will be given to you for free. If they did that, it could be a success. Offer it as a game which is free, but you can pay a normal game price to get most of it. Then leave shit like Terminators or Big Meks or Farseers or whatever to be Premium items.

No info on the Craftworld they are from. Which is strange. But I think they'd be more fun than the other races. They'd be heavy DPS but low health. I like burst classes. I wonder how Howling Banshees would work.... I know men can be in them.... I don't like playing as a female unless it's an alt. So, would probably try Farseer/Warlock (Seriously, Warlocks only Lv.1 Mastery now? Sux). I am really excited, it's 2 years away, but so much can change. I'm sure they'll take some stuff from the community. Just hope they don't get depressed at all the ragers and stuff.

Sorry.... I am.... A little busy.... Oh~~~~~!

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I'm sure. It used to be really bad, dunno if it's allowed (unless it's an Eldar being raped by a Tyranid... I learnt my lesson from that...). I wouldn't worry.

I sometimes want to do my writefagging again... but I always end up doing 10,000+ words instead of something simple. Oh well. I did a few, plus some character bios.

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He did do one for the ending of the sex scene in the Macha rape fic... but obviously can't upload it... I miss him.

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A picture for the Macha story... There is another but it's NSFW... Done by the guy who is now too busy...

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Its gonna end the same way all your dates do. With a female Callidus 10 inches deep in your colon with her polymorphine strapon.

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Don't forget her getting anally ravaged by an obsessive Callidus on a regular basis.

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Those were my 'old' fics that were requested and fulfilled. However I was asked to do two others a few days ago, and I have.

Title: Worse Things Than Death
Genre: Foot Fetish, Tickle Torture
My Words: Non-Adult, if you enjoy foot fetish or tickle torture and a story, then this is for you. A Lord Commissar leads her company against the PDF of her planet, can she stop the Chaos Cultists before it becomes a Daemon World?
Links: http://pastebin.com/Yenpj53P (PasteBin sucks and changes layout, sorry guys)

Title: Every Man's Dream
Genre: Transformation, Vaginal, Straight, Gender-Bend, Rape, Futa
My Words: While Futa was not asked by the requester, I put it in for an old requester. I am sorry, but it's there. Callidus Assassin who is a man is ordered to investigate a potential heretic in the midst of a Chaos Cult repression.
Link: http://pastebin.com/PcbbpKqP

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Not him but Callidus anal semi-rape with a heavy emphasis on earplay.

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You act like Callidus-chan would let you, Macha.

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He has fun, too, like that picture of Technomancer I forgot to save.

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Oh please, if this thread has discovered anything its that all eldars love rape. She and Nurgle are probably the happiest, most comitted relationship in all the Warp.

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>Awww, come here sugar.~
>I know you love this, sweetie.

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They made up though.

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