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if it's any consolation, I hate the anime too. Way too graphic for my liking, but I also appreciate how it doesn't sugar coat. Oh and that little girl, and her twin are villainous.

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No legion rules specific to my Alphas, Night Lords, or Word Bearers?

My Tzeentchian sorcerer has random powers each game?

This book being pretty much a reprint of the last pile of crap?

Only 1 dedicated transport (excluding FW) compared to loyalists with 3-4?

Khorne Berzerkers getting pooped upon?


Warpsmith is an elite?

Flames of War here I come!

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Wait... the dvd says first eleven episodes. Did this guy make 2 DVDs? Some of them 2 disc blu ray special collectors editions?

Someone give me their credit card details! I've got the site up and everything!

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