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Sort of like this. Or is this too lewd for you grots?

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You take a great confident in your skills because you in your village, you are Masta of Choppa. You are facing least two spiky boyz but it don't matter you as you charge in with your choppa.

When you are somewhat close at them, you tossing the gretchin at them to provide as distraction. The gretchin scream as it crashing into of spiky boy's face. As one of spiky boy fall down with the panic grots on his face, you leap into the other spiky boy and slashing at his shoulder.

The injured human become angry as he screaming in rage and charge into you. You blocked his weapon with your sword choppa and then you kicking him away. When the injured warrior fall down on the ground, you leap up into the air as you do a spinning slash on his neck. The spinning slash was powerful enough to cut off his head.

The other warrior throwing away the scared grot and he grabbing on his two-handed mace.
"Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!" The warrior with mace yell as he charge in.

Roll 1d100

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