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No time to look back. On raw intuition you take a half-step back, grab an arm you only vaguely intuit is there and hip throw your unseen assailant forward.

A hairy guy dressed like some sort of motorcycle cop goes flying past. Accidentally hits the kid, smashes her against the side of the on-fire car.

Everyone exchanges panicked looks for a split second before rushing forward and dragging the duo away from the car.

"Is the kid hurt?" you ask.

"Looks like she's knocked out but fine," Tatsuya says.

"The Bear is also down for the count," Saul says. "That was nice, by the way. Tossed him without seeing him."

"Crit success," Tatsuya says.

"Hey, you play D&D?" Saul says, grinning. "So do I!"

"We figured," you mutter. "Wish I knew why this guy was called The Bear," you say.

"That's...it means something different to certain people," Saul says. "I'll tell you about it later. For now, how are we getting to the radio station? It's a couple miles from here."

>find a train, hope we don't get ambushed while we wait for it
>begin Sneaking Mission. Make our way through side streets and back alleys, avoiding areas where we're likely to run into large numbers of Cogs

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