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ignore all the previous suggestions

read this one immediately

it has an obese priest sneaking around crushing heads with his hands, and a decent amount of variety in locations and antagonists

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HH's got the trifecta of ADB, Mcneill and Abnett.

To be honest it's also cropped up in some non-HH books as well, but if you stick to one-off authors you're usually safe. This book features an Ork Warboss that is just a head in a jar, an actually alien jungle with liquid nitrogen water and trees made out of glass, and a disgustingly obese priest who fights sisters of battle with his bear hands

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They speak in this.

actual spoilers;
There's a greenskin WAAAGH that's the primary plot force in the book alongside a human rebellion. It's later revealed to be a multi-species genestealer cult fucking shit up. Ends with a callidus assassin getting grinded into fine paste on a field of glass trees.

I recommend it, but it's not the best novel by any means. Really explores the weirder parts of the setting. Has a horrifically overweight ecclesiarchal priest punching sisters of battle to death.

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Redemption Corps was great, despite every fibre of my being screaming out with how terrible it was.

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Genestealer-Ork hybrids are fucking nightmarish

(this book is really mediocre, but it does some crazy things. Like pinpoint shokk-attack blasts against titans)

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>Favourite first founding loyalist legion

>Favourite first founding traitor legion
World Eaters

>Favourite lesser loyalist chapters
Howling Griffons, probably

>Favourite lesser chaos warbands
I don't really know many of those

>Favourite IG Regiment
Steel Legion, or maybe the Mordians

>Favourite Primarch

>Favourite 40K BL Novel
Picture related

>And lastly favourite Xenos
Tyranids, though the (Craftworld) Eldar are close

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this was a decent read, I found. Sanders ain't half bad

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Thorian/Istvaanian Sister of Battle Canonness is in this book

she's fucking nuts. And a very good reason why the sisters of battle are no better than anyone else

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>Would that the Astartes were united enough to send a single representative.
it's hilarious that you think the Mechanicus, Navy, Guard, Ecclesiarchy and Assassinorum are united in purpose

protip; they ain't

double protip; all are responsible for dire tragedies easily equal to the Badab conflict, and some even graver

triple protip; even so-called "bastions of purity" like the Sororitas are capable of dealing deathblows to imperial subsectors with their blind fanaticism, even if they are technically not Traitors or Heretics.

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Might as well make this the BL thread. Just recently finished this

>sisters being supreme cuntbags
>inquisitorial stormtrooper being the biggest wet blanket in existence
>orkoid genestealer hybrids
>300 pound ecclesiarchal priest crushing people's heads
>callidus assassin being the terminator

it was better than I was expecting. Not a masterpiece, but fun

I didn't save any of the others, unfortunately

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So, I've been asked a few times to provide Redemption Corps. Until now, I couldn't find them.

Enjoy /tg/.


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