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I did not know this

if titans have AI, then why do they need a princeps?

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So /tg/, I have a dark eldar army that ive been working on for quite a while but I cant decide on a lore to do for them so I used the Dark Eldar Kabal creation table. my results were

Motivation: Sport
Formation: Recent
Origins: Fallen Craftworlders
Swift as the Wind
Flaw: Pride in Colors
Location: High Class District, fiercely contested
Art: Speed
Signature Weapon: Jetbikes
Allied with: Craftworld Exarch
Goals: Music
Resource: Incubus Shrine

Now most of this I can work with and it sounds pretty interesting, but I only have 3 jetbikes right now and can't afford more models and the exarch/incubus shrine thing is a little weird. Any help? Suggestions?

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How well do Eldar transfer skills learned along one path to another? If an eldar were to spend a few centuries as a howling banshee before becoming a striking scorpion instead, would she remember techniques of swordplay learned as a banshee and be able to apply them as needed? What if she were to become a warlock instead, would she follow the howling banshee's school of swordplay when using her witchblade?
Also, how easily can Eldar switch between paths? If an Eldar were to spend some amount of time as a dire avenger before following the path of, say, the bonesinger, and his craftworld were to suddenly need every able body it can get for a fight, would he be able to go back to being a dire avenger for the duration of the conflict, and return to the path of the bonesinger when he was finished? would doing so cause him to lose progress along the path of the bonesinger?
Also, have a warlock.

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Greetings, today I come to ask for suggestions to deal with Tau cheese playing with eldar.

I'm possibly using DE as a detachment to go along with a host of wraithguard. -Any input is greatly appreciated

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>Dark Angels
Used to only have max ML1. They have never given a fuck about psy powers. That's not their focus. They got the same boost to psykers that all 6th ed codexes have gotten, but that's still not their focus.

>Chaos got +1-2ML for not getting ATSKNF and hoods
When have they ever fucking got that? At best you could state their point drop was for that, but again, other psykers have so far gotten the same deal.

Clearly we will have to agree to disagree until next month. But I simply don't see how Eldrad is a worse psyker than Ahriman.

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Right, let's try this again. Eldar thread.

New codex is going to be hitting soon and rumors are pouring in. So far what I hear sounds good (Autarch paths letting you take two aspects as troops, cheaper more variable guardians), though I can't shake of the fear that the Wraithlords are going to be smacked with the T6 2+ 5++ MCEQ.

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>eldar powers.
>Removing the iconic Eldar Psychic powers from the most powerful psyker race in the game because of laziness.
>any year

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Alright /tg/!

I'm trying to sit down and get some Eldar writing done. Inspiration is slow and I'm going to do it, but lets get an Eldar general going, shall we?

Conversation starter:
How long do you think Eldar tend to stay on one path? If the path is just not working out for them can they step off rather early?

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Oh yeah, correct. That was right before you got the Avatar.

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I did not want to be that harsh, but they have to face truth.

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What your feelings about 6th edition after your first 6th ed battles ?

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Wits honed by centuries of knowledge in the sharpest minds of the galaxy. Mastery of the arts of humour and snark.

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Dawn of War Retribution does not count. Relic just cannot write Eldar for shit.

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spears, man

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